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  1. Nevermind. Just add this line before the 'create' part: delete { origin "2365 3168 1176" } So it would be something like this: And it will remove the MG42 As I said on previous post, the lower part will be made nextweek
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  2. /// Invisible wall in Axis spawn window - Needs to be tested more for explosions /// _Ler. 08 June 2021 create { scriptName "roof_bugfix" classname "func_fakebrush" origin "2345 3166 1170" contents 1 // CONTENTS_PLAYERCLIP mins "-15 -200 -60" maxs "35 200 60" } /// End invisible wall In case you have modified mapscript the code above must be placed at beginning of the mapscript file, right after the spawn (check file attached, it's original mapscript form et_beach.pk3) et_beach.script Forgot to say: -There is a video on Discord
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