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  1. Hi friends, Hi Admins ❤️ how about we do a Server vote once a year, just for fun. The idea is to have certain titles that players can be voted on. for example: all the normal stuff like: best medic best engi best covert etc but then also have stuff like: biggest rambo medic biggest mortar degenerate biggest obj whore biggest spawnkiller best/worst aimer spammer etc it would be just for fun so people have something to vote and to interact with server and to see what the community thinks about each other what do people think?
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  2. Yes funny idea. Let’s also add a poll for best smoke user, even if we all know who will win 🤪
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  3. Hey guys ! Could be a cool idea indeed to make a Poll with all these "Awards" ! i'd be up ! All classes (best soldier, best medic, best field ops, best covi, best engi) with yeah some best aim, best frag, best admin, Most loved one, most hated one etc... 😋
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