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  1. The pesky sticky chairs is back I noticed today
  2. Gun bit is sorted so ignore me on that. What do you mean by edge start? Well I know what it means but how in this case? I'll be honest I've never been interested in prestige, I just want to play for fun and not be at a disadvantage for people who wish to play along with prestige, which sounds very much like what you could be doing in the future?
  3. I used the settings in the UI and gun still moving. I tried /cg_bobbing 0 and it still moves. Also will the levels remain now, or will the next update reset them again?
  4. I’ve been thinking and no doubt it’s been mentioned many a time. Is it possible ET Legacy developers could make their own anti-cheat like punkbuster? There seems to be a wealth of support for legacy with loads of contributors. Yes I imagine it’ll take time but well worth it IMO. I don’t know how these people find aimbots and wallhacks, but in my simple mind, you’d get as many as you can then in a way reverse engineer it and put restrictions at server level.
  5. What is your name in the game? I believe I know what you mean, you keep going AFK so someone moves you, but because your mouse settings are crazy you can’t manually put yourself to spec. So you are asking if you can open the console and type a command to put yourself to spec?
  6. Yeah it’s intended, I also bark commands at axis team to keep all doors closed, obviously most ignore me so I go round like a butler closing the doors
  7. I love goldendunk as a silly map but time limit set at 5-10 minutes as it does get a bit laborious
  8. Benefit of the glass roof etc is that mortars won’t be able to hide in spawns. I do think if we do it, we need to announce on the actual server periodically, just so everyone is aware
  9. I just got back and noticed it crashed, all good now though
  10. Anyone else noticed that sometimes when building something you don’t hear the sound? Sometimes it works other times it doesn’t. Another thing i’ve noticed is when laying down you can’t build anything, bit like the first point I raised, sometimes you can sometimes you can’t
  11. Not 100% sure, but I believe it does this if a shuffle is done during the intermission
  12. To answer one of your questions, we do need the warnings
  13. Excellent, so we now know 100% where he’s aiming it’s hitting bang on. No excuse for him
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