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  1. You can disable it using the `cg_popupStayTime 0` and `cg_popupFadeTime 0`.
  2. To disable screen waggle use `cg_bobbing` cvar, it now combines all cg_bobYaw/Pitch/Roll cvars together.
  3. Yeah no, that's not how ET is supposed to be and this is not competitive-settings server, ET was built around campaign, and campaign, initially, was the only right choice for the public servers, this makes sense. I know you want it to be more etpro-competitive like - no levels, stopwatch and no heavy-weapons, but this is straight road to kill the server. I've been part of so many etpro pub servers with such config, that i know for sure, all of them are empty or shut down by now. What this server really needs, is regulars, and own community. This works well for hirntot on etpro, why can't this work for tm on legacy? That's also a great way to get even more feedback about the mod's performance, and make it better. We can't even test levels on first server, because it's always maxed, but we have opportunity here, thanks to @Bystry and @Dmxj, who despite the fact love the competitive gameplay more, still do a lot to keep this server as vanilla and natural as possible, even though so many "great" advices coming from pros, which would probably only do more harm than any good.
  4. I am definitely for any level reset (as this gives us better idea if things are functioning properly), we are having more fun with it on a Campaign server, but tbh resetting it just 2-3 times a year would make absolutely no sense - levels are gathered back relatively fast, you can even do that during a single game session, thus if you can level up so quickly makes such rare resetting out of place. However, this gave me an interesting idea. We already had some thoughts about adding dynamic campaign (campaign of n length, consisting of randomly preselected maps). Now what i am thinking, is adding so called "pseudo campaign" of n length, where free map voting still would remain. After the campaign is done, level resets would happen. You could then, using cvar, configure how many maps it takes for level reset to happen, effectively simulating the campaign mode, and making game more vanilla-ish (and balanced).
  5. That's what levels are for, also wolfadmin should ideally show the date of first appearance in !finger or such (should probably attempt to add that) I saw that too, but that's what admins, like you, are for. Punish people if they do xp-whoring (though makes no sense for tm). People just got used to it, but it doesn't mean it's a good thing, server can get extremely disbalanced due to certain changes, like spawntimes, and ofc max skills. Imo average player wants to just have fun game, and skill upgrades (or not) have nothing to do with it, more over, having skill upgrades on, to my experience, keeps people longer on the server (not that this is an issue for tm due to monopoly). Gradual upgrades makes game certainly more pleasing, especially if you have played campaign mode. We do actually want to get campaigns back on track, by introducing dynamically composed campaigns, to allow different map sets (to compete with mapvoting), that would indeed make it even more closer to the vanilla experience.
  6. @Ande next time when it crashes check your in-game console, it should print something weird like "Received signal" upon cgame shutdown. Also v53 ;). But yeah we need server logs as well.
  7. do you happen to have these last lines including the moment of the shutdown?
  8. @Grobbebol do you happen to have recorded the demo?
  9. @Duro thanks for the demo, it seems that your last 4 bullets went straight into wounded body, and are not counted as hits or misses.
  10. Are players still having 999 and movement stuck issues? While playing on newer version i haven't noticed anyone complaining about it anymore.
  11. @Jessica thanks, will look into it.
  12. Welcome to TeamMuppet. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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