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  1. Nice intro Marius! I'm suprised about your english and other skills! Feel free to share your amazing clock collection to us on the forums! Looking forward to see how many different you got!
  2. Bonjour mon ami! !adminabuuuuse
  3. Your 100% right. Script is ready like @Bystry mentioned above.
  4. muppets_Mini is this ur hidden etpro name?! Damn time to join up the league cup
  5. Well if it gives a more balancing map please update etl 2 with that
  6. Sometimes you don't realize your own strenght m8! Youre to strong to handle those nades
  7. @Bystry - @MrMuppet What ip can i send to the UNIT guys for saturday + what ip can i upload to gtv? I have the linup from both teams so we can add the match. Thanks anyway!
  8. I'll check this tonight for you! If it's a map that fits well for a max of 10v10 it's good. To big is a server killer! @MiniMuppet do we have waypoints for this map i remember it was on etl1 once?
  9. Nice welcome to TeamMuppet! Glad you found your way to our forums. If ur interested in some more chats feel free to join us on https://discord.teammuppet.com Anyway if ur waiting to long for a free slot, we have an overflow server with same settings on etl2 Enjoy!
  10. i heard in "the wandelgangen" that he will join TeamMuppet
  11. Welcome boys! Feel free to join us on discord https://discord.teammuppet.com and have some talk with us! Enjoy the game and see you on ETL2!
  12. Welcome MaCaw! Nice you found ur way to our website! Feel free to join our discord and keep playing on etl2 boys!
  13. Hey Raloups tbh i play this game from around 2005( and played on a pretty high lvl back in the days 2.55 version) and yes the lvl is now much higher and the toxicity is even worse then before. But thats how it goes in competitive games i guess If ur able to make decent stats on legacy ur around low+ skilled what is not bad at all! But calling someone med or high skilled you have to play etpro matches 24/7 and play some tourneys with them on a high lvl. If u want some challenges just join us on discord.teammuppet.com and we can invite you in some matches to try! Enjoy your games
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