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  1. Hi spec999, Thanks for passing by! Can you give me some more info about who your talking so we can talk with the person in charge? Anyway thanks for your message let's clear these things out.
  2. Thanks for sharing! Great maps i see
  3. Would love to see a button to our website or discord if possible
  4. Euhm i can but i really dont know the map to be honest. Iam back from holiday this thursday will check it and check @_Ler suggestion aswell!
  5. Looks very good iam back next friday and ready to test it on our test server.
  6. Hello oliveira long time no see
  7. Tbh i never heard of this situation. Imo the covie should ALWAYS have acces to the "opposite" door when wearing an opposite suit. Its part of the game in general. +1 for this topic
  8. Alot of new suggestions @Matu @MiniMuppet can you guys check the suggestion list please thank you
  9. Removing the map would be even a better solution
  10. Not sure if it's interesting in removing those spawnareas. Maybe adding 3 - 5 spawnseconds after repairing the truck?
  11. Uploaded time to test it and give some feedback!
  12. i'll add the timebonusses this weekend! Need feedback when it's done.
  13. @uips i like the whole idea and i guess we ll upload the whole package when we are 100% sure everyone could connect to the server after downloading the pk3 file.
  14. The idea is wonderfull! But as you can see all maps have outdated cc files what makes it almost impossible to edit them.
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