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  1. Dmxj

    Hello, will you rejoin TeamMuppet? :kiss:

  2. We dont use xp saver in our servers (legacy). Its all campaign related. When u logout xp will reset. The point of the nades make sense to me, reduce it to a max of 2 would be a good point. This will make the task of a fops more interesting so it can be a win win situation on both classes. Another point, like @Lepari said we make use of an extra public server = etl2 or campaign ( this server is pure as possible and its based on prestige the more u do the more u earn the better level u got, only like written above we keep on xp save related on each campaign ( so it will reset after the 10th map) But like seto said we like suggestions and take them to our member zone and discuss this internal. Thanks for passing by and see you on battlefield
  3. @Sebast1an the command is set timerSet-time "timerSet 20" you can change in whatever you want 18 20 38. But you have to know every spawn from every map we use on etl1 Good luck with searching the exact spawntimes from each map haha
  4. Hey man, a spawntimer will work in a server with basic spawntimers, like we use in campaign. On our main server we use different spawn, because we have to fit the spawntimers into the amount of players we got. If u need an spawntimer poke me on discord or tag me in the main chat on discord. I'll send you one but like i said it's only usefull in a server with basic spawntimers 20/25 or 30.
  5. Hey Spyhawk! Thanks for the topic above! First of all i wanne thank you for the enormous effort you guys put into this "Game" update. Like you said before, the feedback points can be better from our perspective but you made a good decision to make the releases publc. More viewer = More players = More feedback = better feedback = faster bug fixes. Thank you and see you soon! Ps: don't forget to add fishes into the "oasis water pumps'
  6. Dmxj

    lag and unhit

    Are you sure ur config is loaded when u join a server? Maybe your autoconfig loads in or a z file is loaded what gives damage to your cfg. Try to unexec all and exec ur cfg, vid restart and always start your game from administrator mode
  7. Time to vote for your favorite map!
  8. Started from the bottom, now we here
  9. Killingspreeeee: Jessica...
  10. Dmxj

    How do.

    Hello mr Xen (sounds a bit like a movie character no? Had the pleasure to meet you once or twice at our campaign server. Feel free to browse around and like star already quoted, Maybe we can get a father and son TM membership going on?
  11. Dmxj

    ETKEY Problems

    /pb_enable 1 and for some reason it started to work again Can be locked /
  12. Dmxj

    ETKEY Problems

    Nope not yet, because then we have to fix my level back and the recruiters have to put me back on splatterladder etc... Maybe there is a way to fix it
  13. Dmxj

    ETKEY Problems

    To be honest, i play in vanilla client.
  14. Dmxj

    ETKEY Problems

    Hi everyone, Last night i joined another etpro public server to warm up a bit for our one day cup later that day. My whole config crashed and couldn't fix it anymore So i decided to delete my whole enemy territory, forget to save my etkey, but could find it back in the recycle bin. I put the key back to my etmain folder, aswell to my legacy etmain folder. But got everytime the same message. Anyone knows how to fix it because i still have my etkey...
  15. Where is my shoutout for the miss piggy bot Nice intro man!
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