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  1. Hey there! Nice to have you here Oldman. I have seen you playing in servers at the same time so I can say keep on going and see you on the battlefield
  2. Hi! I voted. I would like to see Warbell and Dubrovnik maps. Baserace is fun to race also
  3. Good luck! I will watch the cup, cheers
  4. Thank you dudes! I will stay safe. See you on the battlefields
  5. First of all I want to say Im happy to see so many active players on ET servers. I had about 6 years break in playing ET but now Im back in business. I didn't have PC for several years because it was outdated and I got rid of it. However last November I built an average computer and first thing I installed was of course ET The very first Enemy territory games I played 2006. I got hooked right away. I still wondering how on earth I managed to play with such slow computer with 20 frames per second max with couple of moving pixels on the screenmonitor. Well nowadays im 36 years old. Im working at hospital in Finland as a patient transporter. I transports patients from inpatient beds to the x-ray examinations. Today there are interesting times. Anyway the highlight of the day is to have some ETlegacy games at Team Muppet servers as an engineer or as a medic. Maybe you have meet some of my bouncing rifflenades there See you there!
  6. Thanks a lot guys! I really enjoy playing at Team Muppet servers. I made a comeback after 6 years so its really fun to play . Great to see that there is quite many players on servers.
  7. Welcome to TeamMuppet. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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