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  1. It's a fast shoot server so if the bots find you and you sit there they'll just kill you. Even if they suck and miss they still shoot 5 rounds a second or something, enough to cripple you. I cannot express how much of a difference fast shoot makes. The bots are there to fill in when a player cannot, therefore should be able to defend itself and attack as such. Treat them a player. Their waypoints limit them to camping or forcing the obj and so on but expect that. Learn from it. Just because it's a "beginners" server doesn't mean it should be cake walk for even the worst players out there.
  2. What does that even sound like? Hoh hoh ho -ooooooooooh ahhhhhhh! I'd be game to collab with someone for some tortured santa sounds.
  3. Don't forget guys, at 100, 200 and 300 SR you get special perks to use in game. What these perks are we'll leave it to the dedicated to find out
  4. Sick. Crippled. Old. Sore. Dizzy. Ran across the map 47 times to find someone. Still managed 3rd place. I had fun So close to knifing Mini too! Poor @tupla though, he got so close so many times
  5. It's possibly an issue with the latest release. The mouse and/or keyboard stops working if you turn quickly. If you're on the ETL Devs discord: https://discord.com/channels/260750790203932672/894120312453607485 If you aren't on it then here's some snippets. It isn't something TM can fix if this is your issue Pipo. You could try to download an older version of Legacy and play with that until the hotfix is applied. Just make sure you save your etkey and stuff to save your name and infos.
  6. Charlie

    FPS and Snaps

    So many many years ago when I cared about having a config and having everything set to have as big of an advantage as possible, I read that there was optimal fps numbers that helped with jumping and whatever. I don't remember them all off the top of my head but 76 fps was one of them. I use a pretty standard cfg these days and I'm too long in the tooth for competitive shit, but I still have max fps set at 76. Is it worth just unlocking it and let it go wild? I use Legacy client and have a 3070 gfx card which I think is enough for ET on high settings ...? Also can someone explain what snaps is and why 40 is better than 20? Played with both tonight apparently and I noticed zero difference.
  7. While this server never stopped running we have decided to put more effort in to making it work with the latest Legacy release. @Dmxj has helped set up and push the server. We also have @Bystry who has lain the foundations and build the server up to what it is today. The vast majority of all the scripts, lua and configs are down to this mad lad. And we have @eMMiel promoting and pushing the server, finding the fresh meat to play. If any one had any questions, concerns or suggestions about ETL Campaign don't hesitate to message them! The server is made to attract higher skilled people and people who enjoy scrims. Something as a down time or in between matches or whatever. It's a campaign server (obviously) with the current scrim maps in rotation. Snaps is also set to 40 which is a big deal apparently (I've no idea). Anyways the server is up and running and has had up to a 6v6 tonight across multiple maps so far. Go check it out if you want to experience a quieter but arguably higher skill player base (I promise we won't ban you! Maybe). As usual any suggestions are more than welcome. From Dmxj: The server provides the latest legacy client. - 10 map rotation (only scrim maps) - All competitive settings - Official spawntimes - Limited heavy weapons and landmines - Stable ping - First public server with 40 snaps - Time bonusses /connect
  8. Welcome to TeamMuppet. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  9. Charlie


    If you're tabbed out it'll show as 0 ping
  10. Jess just isn't online atm so you can deal with me I suppose I honestly feel like keeping you banned after reading this lol, but I'll unban you. No more of these jokes alright? I'll unleash Jess's fury on you if we find you do!
  11. I honestly never knew visualeffects 0 was a thing. I bow down to you sir.
  12. Random thing. Did anyone ever play SSX Tricky back in the day on PS2? Awesome game. Would play that over fifa or pes against friends back in the day. Hi btw
  13. Is the game using the right sound device? It's probably wrong but there's a digital sound thing and a normal sound thing for me anyways. For example I have the monitor output, headphone output and digital output. The digital one sounds lounder and different at least for me, maybe et is using the wrong output? It could also be using other different sound settings in the "configure" menu greyed out but I've never had an issue where it affects only a specific game. Also nice computer, looks beefy!
  14. If only you said that in chat for everyone to see and understand. I mean obviously when you call something a clan it isn't actually a clan. And when your friend also calls it a clan it isn't actually a clan either. It's all so clear now. Cheers mate.
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