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  1. Blade said it was one of your favourites and you wanted to add it for him.
  2. I don't think we'll add Minas again, at least not atm. Yeah I know it's the best map in ET Helms Deep / Glider / Baserace / Italy / V2 Factory / Industry 2 / marrakesh 1 or 2 / millenium falcon / huertgen forest could go to the next poll. Does @BladeWarrioR want Cluedo? Does Baserace = a silly map? So you either have that OR Golden dunk. Don't want to have too many silly ones, we have Nitmod for that lol. Gimme maps you want to see removed too.
  3. Getting an early start on this bad boy. Post here or let admins know what maps you would like to see added to ETL1, or what maps you can't stand and want removed forever and ever. You guys have listed like 50 maps today you'd like to see so remind me here Remember a map must have waypoints to be viable! Don't forget you can suggest changes to spawn times or map length or weapon limits or whatever too. I'll make a poll in a week or so with all your suggestions so make it count Make sure you give your input here in the coming week as I will include map variations in the next map poll if you guys approve it, which right now it looks like I will.
  4. There are Xmas and Halloween skins but those are reserved for events. I have no clue if there's other different skins but I don't think that kind of thing would be added as permanent features.
  5. That's too complicated (new map = server restart) You get sand or you get snow or you get nothing!
  6. Just a quick one! Would you guys like to see different versions of the same map depending on the time or year? Radar Summer / supply desert / fueldump z or fueldump desert and so on in the summer. Halloween maps for ... halloween. Winter themed maps for winter. You get the idea. These would replace maps already on the server and won't be additions on top of them, so don't worry there won't be ANOTHER goldrush added lol So you would, for example, see the Supply we know and love removed and changed to a version like that desert version.
  7. I'll put it on the server later tonight
  8. Anyone else experience this? Are you sure it's when someone connects? Is it only when the server is full or all the time? It it only on ETL1 or does it happen on ETL2 too? Has it been since the last Legacy update we did? Does anything unusual appear when you go in command prompt and type "tracert legacy.teammuppet.com"? (Without the " ") I'm hopeless with this stuff but I guess the more details the better. I can't say I have experienced this, or noticed it anyway.
  9. Lighthouse: Allied spawn time increased from 18 to 22 seconds. Someone mentioned there's a version with an additional entrance. Can someone link it to me? Lighthouse 2 just swaps who attacks from what I can see.
  10. Ruins of Acquiesce (how do you even say that?) / Castle Attack / Saberpeak removed. Warbell / Golden Dunk / Lighthouse added. 2 things to note for you guys! Warbell: Instead for the final objective Axis just bum rushing to be sacrificed, you instead need to take 3 obj that look a lot like gold crates from the cp area to the sacrifice room instead. I guess the devil needs his gold too huh? Golden Dunk: 10 minute chill map with 10s spawn times! Get fragging! If you want class restrictions lifted, or times changed or something let me know. Cheers everyone for voting Any issues let us know
  11. Oh I've definitely lost a fair share of marbles in my time.
  12. Gimme some maps you guys wanna see on the main server and I'll add them in to a poll in a few days. Remember maps needs waypoints! I'll add a couple maps from the last poll that got voted for too.
  13. Charlie

    lag and unhit

    Oli for the love of god save your etkey first lol
  14. Now you tell this Catalina that she isn't the boss of you. You are your own man and you will damn well do what you want to do. If she doesn't like it then tough shit.
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