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  1. It might be due to the fact that ETL2 runs on snaps/sv_fps "40" and ETL1 on "20" value. Higher snaps value improves the hit registration (to make it simple, it's something like 64 vs 128 tick in CS:GO or Valorant). So the hitreg on ETL2 will be always better, not mentioning the higher load on ETL1 which makes players lose packets, etc. ETL1 can't run on snaps "40" because the load is too big (too many players).
  2. Why are you creating this topic here? TM has no influence over the developemt of Legacy mod, like literally. It makes no sense to blame them for changes in the mod, Instead you can go over to ET: Legacy Discord and post your concerns.
  3. This is due to 333 fps, cap it at 250 or 125.
  4. Bystry

    A big thank you

  5. It was 11 to 18 in the votes, that's not even close to "many" and "few".
  6. It's not just the delay, it's the spread increase that comes with g_pronedelay "1". Anyway, the CVAR works fine, the behavior with g_pronedelay "1" is perfectly fine, has been for the last 15 years or so, so no need to make any changes or adjustments there.
  7. Proning without delay is bugged. It's just ridiculous how you can prone in an instant (like 0.1 sec or so), keep minimal weapon spread and on top of that you become unhittable for your opponent. Broken and too OP behavior. People are exploiting it. It's pretty similar to that FG-42 bug Proning with delay and spread increase is the standard , improved and fixed behavior. Should've been set to 1 from the very beginning.
  8. I think it's an excellent idea, sir. The script for that is ready to be used.
  9. The matchserver should always have a password, ideally non public. We should avoid connecting random people during match to a matchserver, that's what the ETTV server is for.
  10. Antilag issues. Devs have been trying to fix this for a long time.
  11. I can send you a sample from mapscript, from what I remember it's just about finding the right coordinates of the roof. I could do it myself or help you, but atm I don't have much time for this kind of stuff (very time consuming). I'll be available from around 15th February.
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