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  1. well just thought i would post a you never know it may or may not come in handy
  2. hey everyone there a new site that getting all files and stuff for et that will be open for everyone to download everything from and put files for the game on there and ect come check it out and lets keep et alive https://wolfdb.de/
  3. so will anything get done about the vote sitution as it not stop is happening all the time
  4. im not sure what can be done but maybe making the vote unavailble might work not sure what would be best here to do
  5. im not sure how close the vote was in the intermission was thro but its like if there map dont get to play the vote for next map if that makes sense
  6. so to night i know me and tm star voted for mia1d and as soon it loads people vote for next map and it happens a lot on server i know he said he would talk to mini but i thought i would do a post as well
  7. is there anything that can be done about when people vote for a map that you want to play then when it loads the map that you want to play others are then voting to next map or whatever cue to they dont like the map or dont know it im not sure how to put it the right way but i think its a bit unfair you play only the maps that they want to if that make sesne not sure if i have put this right at all but tm star might put it a better way than me as we spoke about it on server
  8. what time is the event ? and can always have a think about that @Ctrz never any harm suggesting things
  9. well their be a holloween event for begginers at all ?
  10. Yes sorry my explaining is not very good on this I do apologise and yes something like how the YouTube vid goes is what happen
  11. to be fair if im not on the other side that its happening to how can i say some thing about sk but im sure you all have a voice to ask people not to sk and it does not matter if your lbn or not if some one sk my spawn area i always say some thing but in stead of speaking or asking you freeze the server in stead which its not right at all i never said you should ask me i said if you seem to have problem with me speak to me on discord and i never said that they dont know the rules i said yesterday about English in main chat please and when it come to lbn i speak to them and tell them to respect other server rules and they should do to ours but once again this is not about unit freezing the server so stop every one play so any other issuse unit seem to have with me or lbn as u keep say please message me on discord as this is not the right place for this conversation thanks
  12. excuse me i have no way bullied any one from unit now this is getting ridiculous if you have a problem with me mike you have me on discord you could do the right thing and talk to me on there in stead of trying to bring it to tm and its got nothing to do with LBN why would you even bring something like that in to some that has nothing to do with this post
  13. antti no need to for this might as well all be adults here and i will just ignore him we don't need to lower our self to the same level
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