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  1. The player is already known to the admins, another regular name is "Gaylord".
  2. Currently there is a cheater named "Shabazzzz" on the Beginner server. The !finger command outputs the following: Slot: 0 Team: allies (Covert Ops) NGUID: 9FC5400092E92600015022A0028B85180 IP: 82.176.xxx.xxx MAC: 52-42-C8-XX-XX-XX Client: ET 2.60b win-x86 May 8 2006 Level: 0 GText: GAudio
  3. I played Marrakech Streets 2 at night lately on the ETLegacy server. Can we have that for Beginner server as well, pretty please with a cherry on top?
  4. Hello, welcome aboard
  5. To feel superior to other players as they barely stand a chance. As @Boosted pointed out, severe social issues may cause this. I find it very frustrating on the one side, but also very fascinating on the other side what people drives them to behave like this.
  6. I assume it's the same guy already known as "McGregor" and whatever his names are.
  7. I read somewhere Gaylord was banned from the servers. He tried to join a few minutes ago and got kicked instantly due to an active ban which was posted publicly as a message. However, he bypassed the ban somehow (VPN in Romania?) and is active on the Beginner server right now.
  8. Which server? Beginner? I learned two days ago nitmod creates its own key file identifying your user on the server. Maybe other mods behave that way as well.
  9. Thanks to all for your input. I just wanted to give a short heads-up. I lowered by in-game sensitivity and DPI of my mouse and chose a smaller crosshair. IMO that gave me better aiming already. Now I "just" have to practice with people above my skill level but not that far out :D.
  10. Hey there, I have a kinda weird request: how can I improve aiming on technical level (without cheating, of course)? I have the feeling I have to predict where my opponent will be in 0.5 seconds to be able to hit. I also miss the non-moving enemy while aiming at his head which is pretty weird to me. I cannot rule out I'm having eye issues, though . My regular ping is 5 - 10 ms, which should be sufficient. Or am I facing some technical limitations in the game engine, probably caused due to its age?
  11. Welcome abord. Nice intro, see you around somtime.
  12. Unfortunately everything went wrong on Saturday, worst timing ever so I couldn't join . How was it?
  13. Hello there, I thought it's time to introduce myself since I'm playing for some time on the Beginner server. I'm Andy (aka Gulaschkanone) and I'm located near Düsseldorf, Germany and I'm employed as a web developer, part of a dedicated team maintaining an Open Source CMS and its ecosystem and travelling across Germany participating events either as a guest or sometimes as a speaker as well. Playing ET for about 10 years already on a rather irregular basis, I've been member of an USA-based clan some years ago but due to timezone differences this didn't work out that long. I'm not that skilled and appear to be cannon fodder but having fun is more important to me, especially since I don't have that much time to play on a competitive level :D. Let's capture a bunker sometime.
  14. Welcome to TeamMuppet. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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