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  1. I like baserace, so I support this. Desert or dark version, I'll be camping
  2. Welcome to the forums and nice to see you Mayans were good at many things, but I think we are safe after the 21st December kicks in
  3. Happy independence day, Finland!

  4. Dexter

    Hide 'n' seek event

    trying to be there.
  5. Hmm, I downloaded it all from TM forums though, I'm sure I chose 2.60b and 2.60
  6. Yes, I'm sure since I downloaded it all from TM forums. EDIT: edited the first post.
  7. So, I have a problem that I can't solve on my own. Am I missing something from my Wolfenstein Enemy Territory packs ? I have downloaded patches 2.6 and 2.60b. When I open my ET client, I have no problems in playing the game, and I do see 'MODS' section there, but I cannot choose a different mod. Also I have a few demos that I'd like to post but I haven't had chance to watch them on my own first. This also means that I can't, of course, watch any other demos. When I click on the 'MODS' it throws me back to the ET main page. What's the problem ?
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