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Clarification on Goldrush SK (Lost + Danimal)


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Wanted to clarify if the pictures in the main SK Rules are the most updated and correct and if we can have some clarification on the below?

Quite a few times I have had warnings from lost, mainly on Goldrush about what is SK with panzer and usually ends in me and him at complete opposite of what is/isnt allowed.

Today was another case.

Here are the screenshot from the forum post of what I understand is the SK rules

Then below is the panzer shot that I did that got both Lost and Danimal complaining that I was sk'ing and that it would be reported to admins etc. 


here is a screenshot from my demo of the actual shot that I did, you can see where i shot



As far as Im aware reading the picture, its allowed, as long as its not IN the spawn...this seems to be the general consensus with panz on all maps that you have drawn,


I also did a shot earlier in the match at the 2nd arch which prompted same remarks from danimal


Again, reading what youve posted, this shot is also allowed according to the pictures?


I dont mind helping with drawing pictures with what is/is not SK etc...I cant remember the TM guy that was doing the Map Overlay which looked really good :)...I've always said these pictures are a big help to get rid of all the ambiguity and should be clear as day what is allowed and what is not?



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thanks mani for posting the pics.

I wasnt sure about the screenshot you posted second  - whether or not that counts an sk or not. Which is why i posed a question mark when i suggested it... but in this situation... basically as you spawn and come out via the left side of spawn you are immediately panzered just as your invincibility ends... there is no way to avoid it apart from going out the other exit of spawn... you fired it so that it will hit you either if you try and exit under the arch into the square or take the back route round the back of the bank... either way you will be panzered without any escape.

The kills in the first pic is immediately as we exit the spawn... there is nowhere for axis to escape... if that is not a sk, then i think the rules should be adjusted...

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@ManiSk rules are made really simple if you have readed SK topic what you have done and you are right.

@lost .Please recheck rules and search topics where we discussed it and why we cant change it and it is what it is.

Plz dont hold the grudge with eachother bc of that.



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No grudge here all good 👍.  Just wanted some clarification. Thanks 


Im a big fan of the pictures and if we can get the command map done with the different colours in game, even better as everyone can see in-game.

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Yup Mani I admit you are right here, but I will try to check pf area of damage and the case if shooting in this certain place not making damage for player in spawn, but close to the exit

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