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  1. Bots are really low so need for action.Bots soldier class still exists .
  2. Even a lovest lvl bots kills you pretty good if you are on a open ground and standing still.I have played there,when they were higher lvl and wasnt hard.Just incase il stop by tomorrow but i still believe you must spec someone good player a bit and see,how do deal with them and learn bots acting.Sadly,theres not more humanlike bots invented,so we cant do much. But to change heavyweapon class to something else is reasonable,and i check if thats doable.
  3. Couldnt play much on weekend but loved something different for a change.Great job!
  4. Discussed all options and no with reasons written b4.
  5. We discussed it and it stays as it is. I also dont like it,but its part of the game.If you think about it,the current rule wont allow to fire the exit.So you have the oppurtunity to go out of the door and notice the mortar bombs hit the bridge(without getting hit) and safely avoid them.You ar not forced directly run into mortar fire.Its tactical game so keep your eyes open,or use other path.We wont disble heavy weapons what may be on a path for allies to reach to objective,without allies have a change to use other way or avoid it himself when he have a bit of skill. Dont get me wrong.Its a great suggestion and a mortar in that map is OP,but it is what it is. frag on!
  6. Great to see new faces. Welcome!
  7. I liked it.Thanks guys who owned me.
  8. We discuss it a bit,hold on.
  9. yeah.this works.Didnt know that:D
  10. Agree.What Charlie mean that only members can put himself and others to spec,but there should be an option for nonmembers to put himself to spec to avoid people being afk at the beginning of round. @Eagle_cz
  11. if you switch guides you have different SR.Its not about a name actually.theres 100 with same name. Closed!
  12. ETPlayer was banned on radar map yesterday.You came a map later when GR was on with a same name-maybe a coincidence.Many players had conversation with him many days and turned to him as TRUMP .Got many complaints that TRUMP tooked a new name as ETPlayer and suddenly became monsterly good.There are a slight possibility it was a mixup and other players and members mixed up people so i unban you,but if i get a confirmation via discord chats or any other proof that it was you then il reverse it.Iapologize atm and please dont use ETPlayer name as most cheaters use it.
  13. So youre saying you changed your guid just for fun and after ban just changed back for fun?:S
  14. Well TRUMP. After i banned you yesterday for using hacks,you joined back after 1 map with your old guid.Your playerinfo shows aliases too you know;)
  15. @Eagle_cz shufflexp based on ended map xp would give the closest even teams for the next map.ofc i understand it must be done after map is ended and new one havent started. Would be great additional option for us in this thing.
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