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  1. @Eagle_cz shufflexp based on ended map xp would give the closest even teams for the next map.ofc i understand it must be done after map is ended and new one havent started. Would be great additional option for us in this thing.
  2. Welcome to our forums Goldy!
  3. A Sir,who puts dynas on his own spawn and own team running route.Im watching you;) .... welcome and slap you!
  4. Its not considered as capturable.More like a part of map objective thingy Yeah,it has a backdoor exit.fixed!tnx technically yes and seen it not ruining the map so should be allowed.fixed.tnx Its not the spawnyard.never seen anyone warned bc of that. Thanks for your input.Its not pure gold and if anyone sees a mistake or improvement can be made-let me know!
  5. Its not always because member dont want to change.It happens pretty often that opposite team has better players and suddenly few disconnects from that team so instead of switching,what end up resulting most best players stacked to one side,il wait for autobalance to take latest player,who joined.In that time il stay on spawn so advantage wont be that huge at this moment.This method is the best if you judge yourself better skilled then average and/or the latest person who joined.
  6. Yes.People are sensitive about force putting them so we wont do it.!put is mainly against people who constantly switch team after shuffle and/or makes teams unbalanced some other way.You may ask directly,switch yourself or shuffle,if you are a member.Thats about it.
  7. What took you so long Soldat! Welcome
  8. I mixed physiotheraphist with psychiatrist.Srry,my bad.
  9. Hello Dirk.Can you fix Charlie?
  10. Heya Ralaoups. Todays people have been practicing the game 10y longer then pros back then Hint:try to k7ll em b4 they start crouching.
  11. Plz /ui or !finger+screenshotjpeg.Its too timewasting to find his info from logs.Tnx Eddie Meduza PlayerID:26609 Banned! Reason:Troll
  12. Tnx. Will look things over and get back to you.Hided atm.
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