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  1. uptated 25.10.2022 .(removed some sounds etc)
  2. Version 1.0.0


  3. You mortared caturable flag.Member died and others also complained.Our members isnt oblicated to stop playing and concentrate only to peoples wishes,they are not your slaves.They dont know all coordinates and dont need to go spec to confirm your hits. What goes to "we let our buddy's spawkill" and "pick on newcomers" is total bullshit from a newcomer,who doesnt kow and repect our rules and moderators.Respect is a two way street. Bye
  4. Srry,my bad.My wife always says one thing but means another and i always figure it out. Will replace on friday,when get off @ work
  5. I hope its with cp spawn.If not,need to add.
  6. Its been on server some time ago.Maybe there was a reason why we replaced it,maybe not. Replaced it just now.Give feedback anyone,who plays it.
  7. @ManiSk rules are made really simple if you have readed SK topic what you have done and you are right. @lost .Please recheck rules and search topics where we discussed it and why we cant change it and it is what it is. Plz dont hold the grudge with eachother bc of that.
  8. @Ctrz Half of the maps the spawning point switches.but you have been suggested it for a long time so problably you have a solutions.Maybe use different colours for axis and allieas and make a full rainbow on spawnpoints-much easyer and not confusing than it is now
  9. We basically need 7-8 most popular maps,wheres sk is a problem.Isnt it possible to make one pk3 with 8 map minimap script orsm without changing map pk3s
  10. I would prefer to see sk areas on minimap but ok for me.Dnno how others feel about it.In the past the mighty bird was against it but we may do it secretly so he wont notice. Can you make an example on one map so its easyer to sell the idea to all.If you want access to test server,let us know.
  11. Do however you think is the best.If theres a topic where its written needs uptating/fixed on forum send me a link and with the changes you want
  12. I want a t-shirt with Charlies mugshot please.
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