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  1. @Ctrz Half of the maps the spawning point switches.but you have been suggested it for a long time so problably you have a solutions.Maybe use different colours for axis and allieas and make a full rainbow on spawnpoints-much easyer and not confusing than it is now
  2. We basically need 7-8 most popular maps,wheres sk is a problem.Isnt it possible to make one pk3 with 8 map minimap script orsm without changing map pk3s
  3. I would prefer to see sk areas on minimap but ok for me.Dnno how others feel about it.In the past the mighty bird was against it but we may do it secretly so he wont notice. Can you make an example on one map so its easyer to sell the idea to all.If you want access to test server,let us know.
  4. Do however you think is the best.If theres a topic where its written needs uptating/fixed on forum send me a link and with the changes you want
  5. I want a t-shirt with Charlies mugshot please.
  6. Mini is on top of Ande! ...... just saying ...
  7. Matu


    Srry about that.Really silly situation.These warns and mutes dealed instantly so theres no time to doublecheck.We havent got problems people do such shenanigan b4 as name stealing results a long time ban but we try keep an eye on that more now Thank you for taking time to report it.see ya in server
  8. Fixed lvls 29.03.lvl system above 5 are the same on all servers.Only difference is lvl 4 a friend and 5 donator.Corrected admin/donator/friend lvls from database so they should match. Added minbot/maxbot to lvl 10s too @StaR @GoLdFiNgEr @Ande @Dragonkiss
  9. "Russia is the best" is clearly a provocative name at this moment and we cant see sane reason why anyone should use it or come to the forum to justify for using it.It wasnt any kind of admin abuse as we react to all provoking names("russia is the best" "kill all russians" "kill all ukrainians" "putin is a murderer" "Z" etc ) Only abuse i see here is from you and the other provocator guy as we have rules and if we say "no provocative names and discussion" then thats it! -We have announced it to you and acted like it but you still come here to yell. Il repeat it so you get it -NO PROVOCATION ALLOWED ON OUR SERVER.ITS A GAME SERVER.ITS OFFICIAL TM VISION -LEAVE OR GET BANNED IF YOU DONT ACCEPT IT!(NB:we allow ukrainian coloured names) Also please focus to the gaming,not discussing it on gaming community.
  10. Mini is @ work so do it.i dare ya
  11. Matu


    Hello. Do you use default conficuration?if ye,then its difficult to enjoy.Like cg_bobbing 0,sensitivity and other stuff .. We can help you with that if you want.join our discord for better communication;)
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