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  1. Removed-Baserace, Lighthouse,River Port and Goldrush SW. Added-El Kef, MLB Egypt and Millennium Falcon. V2 Factory didnt work-removed.(If Mini finds working version then will be added) Swapped Radar Summer back to Radar. Any issues-let us know!
  2. @Andy you are active there.Can you check logs?
  3. We can arrange tm meetups on event server with new maps only,let say each sunday.-if theres enough interested people.
  4. I remember that i liked Millenium Falcon,but not sure how it fits with 15v15 .
  5. That line was direct answer to your question.You asked is it ok to SK if theres multible exits.I answered its not allowed SK when theres multible exits. I make it simple for you: SK RULE If you kill/shoot someone in ANY fixed spawn before you got shot first,its always SK. SPAWNEXIT RULE Artillery and other heavy weapons near spawnexit is allowed only when there is multible exits,otherwise its not allowed! Mortaring ANY spawn or spawnexits isnt allowed! yes No yes,only with light weapons
  6. Sorry to hear that it happens all the time.Any TM member in server should keep that somehow under control. We try to improve in that area and think how to fix that.
  7. More detailed version of rules are here: It means you may spawnkill in places,where you fighting for spawnpoint. For example in Bremen map.The allies may kill with any kind of weapons including arty(exept mortar)axis first spawnpoint(the flag).Axis may kill with all weapons including artillery(exept mortar)and take the flag back as long the wall is blown up and flags gone.After that its fixed spawn for allies and any kind of Sk in there isnt allowed. Next the Cp in there is capturable.both teams may kill there with all weapons(exept mortar) in any time as it will be capturable whole map. After the allies has taken the flag/cp.Axis second spawn will be fixed the whole map and any kind of SK isnt allowed there.( read exeption in the rules! When you spawnpassing to fix the truck,you may shoot back only when you get shot first) In some maps the mortar guy hides in spawn and shoots from there.That too goes under exeption and you may kill him as he technically shooted first. Its spawnexit rule.You may use heavy weapons only on spawnexit,where has multible exits.(example Goldrush axis second spawn) SK isnt allowed in multible exits.(unless its capturable) Hope i understood what you asked and you got your answer.Feel free to ask for more
  8. Hello froggy.I feel the same about Italy.
  9. Windows button works for me.I have ET Legacy.
  10. Hello Simon.Try our other servers too sometimes to have some fun with our great members;)
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