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  1. Mini added callvote to server. All active members(exept our trial) is atleast lvl8 with kick command.If not,ask for it on server. Freeze will be added tomorrow morning to lvl 5s.Player will be unfrozen if killed so best is to freeze on spawn.
  2. Map ends too quickly because defensive team top fraggers goes camping near enemy spawn instead defending objective.Noone else besides those rambomedics enjoys that,doesnt matter what map is on.Its objective based game.Knux had good suggestion how you can make it longer.
  3. Try to ask on our discord channel from legacy tech support guys like @Aranud
  4. Do you mean it cant find any server on serever browser list? i had same problem,dont remember how i fixed that but you can connect fast if you click on one of our servers ip whats located on forum top right!
  5. This map is so stupid.Allies flag should stay fixed after captured.technically all mortar and artillery by allies are sk because 100axis spawn. There should be only downstair spawn for axis and sk is over(or make 1additional somewhere between spawn-obj)+more balanced.
  6. @iNTER.We are trying improve spawntimes on suggested maps near days.
  7. tnx.spawn wont go that far.Here u go,
  8. Please check and confirm is the sk areas are correct on library map
  9. Library Not allowed. Marked as: Red-mortar Blue-artillery Yellow-heavy weapons Axis first spawn+flag Axis second spawn (FIXED) Allies first spawn (FIXED) Allies second spawn (FIXED) CP - when built (CAPTURABLE)
  10. When i came.he had acc 55 hs% 30.noticed same thing that he was configuring sm after every spawn.eventually his aim was solid 50.hs% 20 what isnt suspicious anymore.
  11. Engineers can repair other players.30s to full repair.Using pliers On enemy 3s,works as a dyna.causing problably a tks when hes near teammates and kicking out bc complaints,so we dont need to !serverfull anymore
  12. Matu


    Banned.Theres another guy who used same name so dont mix them up(like i did at first) This is the right guy
  13. Matu


    Hello. I liked cars also when i was 25. and girls . and girls in a car. Now i like to sleep.In a car.on a girl ... anywhere
  14. Matu


    Then it was soft response in my eyes.I maybe would have responded worse if someone triggers me the right way.
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