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  1. Yes please.I want a version of "streets of Italy" that works. Thanks C.
  2. We dont have many members playing there.Added to list.Will set forum lvl when at home.Set hes lvl on server then.Tnx Oli.
  3. Hello.Welcome to the forums Visangle.
  4. We did some crazygravity last time if i remember correctly
  5. Fresh Meat Welcome to our forums!
  6. Matu

    Spankilling rules

    At the moment rules say"you may shoot in spawn ONLY when you get shot" The reason for that is we dont want to make rules hard to understand.You cant determinate,who went outside,who healed himself or who was idle.The current rules are the easyest to follow and moderate! (Srry if my english isnt the best atm.damn tuborg)
  7. Matu

    Spankilling rules

    SK. (You may only shoot enemy in his spawn when he shoots you first). Pretty stupid scenario but still SK.:D(You may only shoot enemy in his spawn when he shoots you first). I have experienced similar scenarios,i just ignore them if it happens once a year.No point of arguing that "technically" i have right.All this argueing and typing ruins gameplay for all players and i cant help my team while i do that.If this happens often,then clearly theres a need to explain stuff. We would rather see that players wont follow rules close to the line and look for weak spots.Normal guy wont chase around enemy to his spawn or shoot people in spawn to get easy kill and hoping not get caught.Instead he doing objective. If you have any scenarios,please provide;)
  8. Hello Oldman.You are old enough to be @Jessica grandson
  9. Hi moiska.Nice to meet you!
  10. My screen waggles when running:S also no SR and prestige!
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