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On 9/25/2022 at 11:05 PM, Jessica said:

Wel Blondie, simple answer : It was a mistake.

You did kill several Axis in Spawn, with granade !!!   . . . .  .however, you were Axis and it was team kill. Saw that to late. :) 

if you ( the player who TK'ed many teammates in own spawn in basic gaming time not in game start delay) got kicked by admin, I m not suprised.. I would say more like it would be more lucky to get only kicked.. Some other places from grenade based teamkill in own spawn to own team might be banned.. Just sayin.. I know some servers might ban that kind of actions.. IF IT WASNT A MISTAKE.


I dont know how it happened, only writed how some places might react and that why not suprised if some admin saw it worth of !kick.





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