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  1. Is it normal that I can read it then ?
  2. Hello, I have to defend Goldfinger, he never does anything without a reason.
  3. well i dont know, why always complaing about medics, thats the game. It makes no sense to give the PF so much HP. Rather increase the health from every class a bit and decrease the Medic. Maybe also disable selfheal
  4. Yeah on some maps its just crazy, but i think they already have made some changes.
  5. Do what you want to do.............................
  6. Well i never said its just because off me, i said " for those player are not as good as iam". And i also said it depends on the Map, sometimes the bot a chilling and sometimes ur barely can make a step foward without get the 3hs through the bush. You can ask Goldinger he even turns off the bots everyitme he comes to server for this reason.
  7. Well, since i have NEVER seen u on this Server how can u even know what iam talking about? The problem is not the level but the fact that these bots as soon they "See" you shooting thorugh everything, i think it has nothing to do with my "skill" cause iam a decent player - but the other Players who are might not as good as iam, have very often problem passing these bots. Ill make a Video too show you from what iam talking about!!
  8. apperantly nobody gives a ****
  9. Hello, thank you for the changes you have made so far for the bots. But it has not changed that much for the gameplay yet, the bots sometimes aimlocking so hard that u have as a good player no chance killing them. Either they use the Panzer shooting into spawnareas or using Motar and shooting on ur head whereever u stand, well i know iam complaining hard, iam just not happy. Could maybe prohibit for the bots to use any kind off Heavy Weapons, and also do u guys think it would be possible for the players to Vote them off ? Kind regards
  10. Ty for that. But its like iam playing more vs the Bots than the players, cant u just reduce the amount off bots back like it was ?
  11. Hello, iam playing from time to time on the beginner Server, which normaly a cool Server, but since you guys have changed the diff from the bots its kinda no fun anymore. I have to focus more and the Bots than on the Players - cause some off the Bots are just aimlock through everyting its kinda no fun, even Goldinger everytime he comes to Server turns off the bots. What also kinda ruins the Gameplay in my oppinion is there are now 12 Bots which is alot and the teams are often very unfair, cause the Lua for the Team Balance will not count out the bots. Greetings
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