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  1. i just played - and imo its unplayable, people even play less in a team then they did before, everyone is hidding and giving axis full control.
  2. well i think it will kill the server, cause i will proably now play somewhere else
  3. Hello, I guess with that change there will be less people playing medic, and server probaly will be more empty that it was before. And you guys shoud consider, cause there will be less Medics to change the posion knive behavior, and able the heal from and medpack, so you dont need a medic from your team anymore. IMO removing the abilty to heal is chaning the game mechanis complety i would have started with, increasing engi/fop to 130hp and disabling the selfheal from medic and the charge.
  4. Heyho Einsgurke here, I thought u are mxtor with an alternate my bad
  5. HunT3r


    Hello, he is back with diffrent guid and Ip http://stats.etmods.net/pStats.php?id=273000 On the Nitmod Server
  6. HunT3r


    Ty! What is with the Nitmod server ?
  7. HunT3r


    Hello, Couple a off Time ago the player called [$} was busted on the ETL server as a Wallhacker, but as it seems he still plays on all off the TM servers with diffrent names. Today i have found him on the Nitmod Beginner server http://stats.etmods.net/pStats.php?id=273000 here is the demo where you can see he is using or (used) a Wallhack I have contacted him in discord and asked him back in the day, why he is cheating and got this repsonds out of him: I just report this, what you guys do is ur thing
  8. Stop pretending to be axis 🤡
  9. Thank you for the map updates, also some nice maps: Wolfsrudel teutonia_final Himmelsdorf (https://wolfdb.de/details.php?id=5332) Golddays western
  10. also the spawntimes need to be fixes on V2base - its currently on 1sec for both teams which makes the map unplayable
  11. Also Transmitter / decoder/ El_kef_final some good maps
  12. Well in imo you are a person who always tries to hold people down, and dont let them speak out. Etiher you make fun off them or you point them out, iam just trying to say there is a problem which is causing alot off people leaving the server, but nobody tries to change something cause you guys dont listen or just do the same you did to me. as you can see iam not the only one - but people have no chance when you guys block everything instead off looking into it. But iam done now, learned my lesson.
  13. Yeah the Server is good, and i like it too, what i mean is that it is sometimes just unplayable cause of the amount off spam. I will try to but some demos together to show you guys what i mean. Its was Suggestion which should be change alot imo, but if dont ill just keep leaving the Server when there is to much spam. I dont know what ur fucking problem is. I come here as a Player playing on ur Server on a daily bases and u have nothing better todo then draging me through the dust in Puplic. We tried to start our own Server cause we did not like alot of the Settings on the Server (posion knives), so we have had created a Fall back server. This topic has nothing to do with that Crtz, and its pretty hard sometimes to bring changes when you guys block everything out who critsim something. But i guess Topic closed "never change a running system"
  14. well sadly would not work, cause u just can selfkill to get ur nades back!
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