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  1. im not going to be on that much.... but ill be on once in a while....

    1. MiniMuppet


      ok mate just nip by when you get time

    2. LordNewbie


      Sorry i was in Edinburgh this weekend, it was a decision at 12 by my mother, to leave the next day at 6

  2. way to many topics

    1. MiniMuppet


      are you going to able to spam them all :)

    2. MrMuppet


      You dont see half of the posts!

  3. can come on tomorrow... moms birthday... so today.. homework

  4. must finish essay.... about to shot myself

  5. http://boxcar2d.com/ .... car evolution...
    1. LordNewbie


      Computation Intelligence Car Evolution Using Box2D Physics (v3.2)

    2. Stumpel
  6. how many things are being posted... i cant keep this spaming job up... people stop posting so much stuff

  7. I wont be on for the next few days... homework... come back on when i can

    1. GreenMan


      Whowill spam all the post now :DDDD

  8. LordNewbie

    About me

    Games on desktop... Minecraft, ET, Darkspore, Dofus, Wakfu, Shogun 2, Allegiance, Team fortress 2, Sanctum, Global Agenda Name? Jason Werner Age? 16 Siblings? 1 ARe you going to be vague? Yup... dont expect me to get into details YOu tired as hell? yup Do you like chocolate? Only the fake white stuff Post below if yu want to know anything else
  9. Any one want CAT stew.... got a great supply if they dont watch out

  10. So sleepy... screw you school... i dont need you and ill be fine *singing*

  11. The one thing that keeps getting into my mind... how impatient the world is. (Im linking the world to the Creed games (multiplayer feature)). Every single time i go onto Brotherhood i find myself sitting at number 1... how the hell is that when i probably die the most. YEs cause the world is impatient... you get mixed messages where ever you go... "Patients is a virtue," "Life is too short," or i forgot who said this, "A patient guy is a powerful adversary." so which side do you choose... well you have a bunch of level 50 on one side who poisons or shoots people and the other side where a bunch of level 23 take them on. Im only level 18... and own both of them... tho i do hate the poisoning people.... they walk past and you know its them you die and get all these points... I still win. Life is too short to be vengeful... yeah right... who is there to help you scheme... this is another point i like to bring up. IF you dont have an enemy how in life are you going to level up faster. Who are you going to steal from and who is going to fear you. You can ether be a loved king or a feared king.... its much hard being a loved one. This is what history tells us. So why the hell are schools teaching you be kind to your peers. I much rather be feared.... be the scheming one... the one who everyone moves to the side when i walk past... this way.... i learn more. Beside that not ever happening and slightly depressing... which im sorry for. Why is that we always Hitler was the worlds worst man... that ill leave to you.... id probably pick ivan the terrible... so who is the worlds worst man.... Back to my first point is that why is that impatient people are so easy to find... my school are full of them.... leaving class early.... guess whos smarter idiots.... you do get the exceptions... but they are rare. War takes a long time in history.... the more simple to you and more complex to others... scares you.... put it this way.... when i only had one person on me at the beginning of the round.... i tracked my traget as fast as i could without losing my 200 bonus... to kill him. I tried going as close as i could on the rooftops... when i got close... jumped down and tracked them cutting them off.... i was losing by 400 points by them.... cause the person in front killed 2 people. I cut my target off climbed the roof without him seeing and jumped down to get the ariel kill.... it was easy to find him he was being impatient and chasing his target... he ran right in front of me.. and yeah flow down got my 700 points putting me in front by 250 points... the person in first went to second when the guy i killed target survived and killed his target giving him 250 points. To tell you the truth... patients is a bore that why so many fail at it... i think?
  12. Sorry everyone.... there is so much homework.....

    1. MiniMuppet


      forget about your home work lol come and play. only joking school work is more important :)

    2. MOoN
    3. LordNewbie


      dude... i have all my class each day... so homework u get is due tomorrow

  13. I can get on again... yeah

    1. MrMuppet


      Yeah, your ip was flagged has connecting to the server but not logging in and banned because of.

    2. LordNewbie


      ???? flagged.... why was i flagged?

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