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  1. Andy


    As of couple of days ago, his ban expired. Please make notice if he starts abusing anyone again. Saw him once, and seemed to behave for that evening.
  2. Andy

    lag and unhit

    Unless mouse is broken or firmware updates failed, I doubt it's a mouse issue. BUT Try your current mouse without manufacture's software, just plain generic usb drivers when you first plug in your mouse. That means unistall any mouse specific software. Remove your mouse, restart computer. Plug it in again. Or if you have mouse software and can change polling rate say from 125-1000, check that is on 125. On some games and mice, on older hardware especially, I've noticed major CPU clogging when trying to run mice at 1000poll rate. If CPU is at 100% you get FPS drops and unresponsive game. Shouldn't be a problem on your hardware but I guess worth a try. Run a speedtest on your internet connection. Do a trace route to the game server, see if somewhere on the replies are longer hiccups. These don't cost anything but a little time.
  3. Andy


    I've gone through them logs now. Full of constant insults and abuse at anyone he chooses. Kick was very well deserved and long overdue. He even admits he been banned from most past servers because of his insults. He'll serve his week long ban for sure. That'll be his chance to get better. My feeling he won't be interest in fixing his behavior. BANNED: 1 week from now.
  4. I'll leave it here, so you have something to compare to your choices. List of all the maps in votepool atm sorted from most votes in descending order.
  5. Andy


    I have todays logs for review also on Thursday. I tried tonight, it's 5,5 million lines of gibberissh, need to sleep
  6. Thank you Oli. Just make sure everyone realize It won't be guaranteed add on But surely will be taken into account! I wont be in game until Thursday probably.
  7. Hey-Yo Oli! Do you have any possible suggestions for new maps? I'll take a look on current map list on Thursday-Friday and think of couple of replacements. I'm not sure if a complete map vote at this point is necessary for beginners. Will do one if enough interest comes from people. Please, everyone who is at least a little interested and playing on beginners every now and then, sure let us know of maps you would like to be added. Same goes for removal. We might not be restricted on map count on Beginners, but I wouldn't go entirely crazy just yet Cheers!
  8. Andy

    lag and unhit

    Which server? Wouldn't hurt to specify. I see you score 50+kills no probs on beginners, so I guess it's legacy main one? Can you catch your issue on the demo or something? Also, what Ctrz said, would possibly all help us or you or both.
  9. Andy

    lag and unhit

    Which server you mean?
  10. Welcome Oldman! Enjoy your stay
  11. Andy


    Oli I can keep your Etkey safe for you, just send it to me :P Or rename your etkey to something like etkey_backup and send it to your mailbox, you'll have it there forever and always. You would just need to put it in the right folder. Perhaps it's indeed simplest just setting your levels when needed, or have someone use Teamviewer to fix it for you in a minute, so long as you can point that person to your backup etkey file. No stress no fuss
  12. IT guys installed another security camera at work, they connected it to a GSM router, which I and my mate get a internet for our work businesses. But the connection is way worse than it ever has been, constantly dropping out.


    1. Eagle_cz



      for our work businesses

      = read: "surfing on porn sites".



      = read: unable to enjoy 'your own fun' at work anymore lol

    2. Andy


      Awww Eagle, it's not like that :D 

      There's little chance for entertainment unless I turn everything into a joke myself. 

      It really complicates me accessing my mailbox and few necessary programs to get my day through. 

      Each time my mailbox tries to retrieve mails from the server, the connection cuts off :(


      Temoporary fix: Unplug the security camera while at work, re-plug it when leaving :D

  13. Andy

    Performance Issues

    That and if this doesn't do the trick. Changing out the thermal paste should do the simple trick. Process which is somewhat easy yet annoying a bit, and gives u better access to airvents to clean them and fans included.
  14. Andy

    Stream Night!

    Although I arrived maybe bout ~30mins late or so I was there most of the time, on and off as I had to keep running back and forth. TS gathering of you guys gave it something and made it somewhat watchable, although not very attractive to keep watching, but at least you could hear TS chatter and all the bad ideas Ben gave you VD.
  15. Andy

    Performance Issues

    Thermals....thermals me thinks still. CPUZ and GPUZ should be able to show you the running temperatures while gaming, or your system bios after few minutes of running game. Yes, that even if it doesnt feel hot. Thermal compound is probably stone hard and not that good over that time. Check your HDD as Eagle said and use that processexplorer. Last I would suggest some stupid OS update - that messed it all up
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