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  1. Happy new year everyone! im still drunk from last year !
  2. Going to friends cabin to drink until i pass out! :D

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    2. P3Swan


      Its basic finnish style :P

    3. Slarty


      Oh yeah, its the finnish version of gangnam style :D

    4. #infRared#


      well we have fun and after having fun we eventually pass out, btw i was the last man standing ! :D

  3. was it not "everyone should have equal chance of winning"? or am i wrong so in my opinion, last man standing drinking contest on TS would be great!
  4. guitar battle? does everyone have guitar?
  5. beer stein and the competition would be "Last man standing booze night on TS" :DD
  6. Since its weekend, i might pop up later evening on the server if there are players :) but idk cos i go to a my boss's party :D

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    2. #infRared#


      haha, there is lasagne and free beers, so i have to focus on the beers :O

      and after the party i might pop up playin :D and then maybe even TS :O who knows...

    3. Macka


      Get your lazy butt on ET/TS. I will be there around 9pm GMT (got gym first). First time in three weeks so i am going to suck hard

    4. #infRared#


      9pm phah :D gym phah MACKA :D phah :D (i still love you <3) but rly 9pm you gotta be kidding me its 7am :DDD

  7. #infRared#

    It's time

    Thank you Mini and Mr for the great work youve done to us ps. this makes me a bit sad (hope that you will pop online someday on ET or the chat )
  8. Chevy GMC Vandura 6.2L i love to drive one, it is so cool :P

    1. Slarty


      Paint "Free candy" on it, and you are set :P

    2. StaR
  9. i could join but :/ the army starts so i might not be able to join
  10. Drinking boozing all night long (and maybe the week or what is left of it ;) )

  11. dont like new maps im a fan of the original maps but will be eager to test them out
  12. i need this, can i buy it somewhere?
  13. my framerate is quite low in ET, dont know why cant even change the process priority to high because it says "access denied", i would like to get higher fps than 20-34. but do you have same kind of fps related issue than me? if so maybe we both can get help ps. sorry for not answering your problem but, i tought this would be a nice topic for me to describe my lag a bit too. hope someone can help us both
  14. Welcome to the forums varya nice to meet you, would like to see your dog
  15. Yeah i got in the second time, so dont worry sauerkraut you will get in someday
  16. #infRared#


    Cool, maybe less lag for most of people because ive seen that most people are from europe
  17. Hello! My name is Joel you may have seen me on the etpub server under the name " #infRared# " im 17 years old guy from Finland and i turn 18 this november. I love ET, Drinking with good friends, playing guitar, listening to music (mostly metal). Oh and im currently a student in a vocational school, i am studying welding and i love it Theres a bit info of me! See you on the battlefield soldiers!
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