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  1. I know this doesn't contribute to the conversation but Star and Starscream aren't the same person
  2. Yea, my bad for not locking this topic.
  3. You guys are going waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off topic lol. All Oli is asking is that muppet friend lvl or ex member lvl have the putteam command.
  4. Heya, nice intro! Glad you found yourself back to playing ET! If the legacy servers are full, why not give our nitmod server a try? It's tons of fun and great if you want to just lay back and have a chill time. Maybe we'll even see an application?
  5. Welcome to the forums
  6. I haven't been on the server in a couple of days because of my midterms so I don't know what you're talking about. The taking a slot part I find funny because most of the time there are 4-5 actual players on a team and if a player doesn't play, a bot takes its place. More or less of the time the bot stands in his place and is utterly useless. So I don't think that guy talking and chatting will cause an "imbalance" in the game. Also, are these people not part of your "clan" ?? You must have a discord or something to talk to each other. I still don't get the logic behind putting on t
  7. Looks like I'll be seeing you in the beginners server.
  8. The beginners server is there for players that are "New" to the game and also for players that want some goofy and fast paced gun play. If you were called a cheater there it must mean you are a very good player because the player rating on the beginners server is a solid 4/10. I know this because I belong to that 4/10 That being said, legacy is a different animal and like matu said before me, kill em b4 they start crouching
  9. StaR


    Are you referring to "Business to business"? I don't have a template you can use but I feel like the company you work for needs to have one. (or maybe it doesn't and the whole point of this post is for you to make it for the first time). In any case, I don't know how to write a b2b contract
  10. You are now Monkey #2
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