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  1. Hey gang, been playing on the campaign server the past few weeks and made a follow up video with you fine folk in it. Wanted to make it more cinematic rather than a frag film. Frostbite V9 Game Play!
  2. Video of the new frostbite A break down of the new Frostbite revision by Moonkey! V9 happened to release while I was making this video
  3. Its obvious to everyone that medics are by far the best class, I don't like the idea of limiting them but think they need a nerf. For one I think they should only be kept to a single colt/luger and denied the akimbo ability. I dont really have a problem with setl g_medicChargeTime for med pack drops as this would affect other classes ability to get health. I think the problem comes from the stupid amount of shots it takes to gib downed opponents and the invulnerability shield they hide behind during the revives. These two in combination are greatly dissatisfying and feel cheap. I would recommend downed players health to be greatly reduced to limit revive trains. Side note: I feel like their are not enough health/ammo stations on maps and this has created a dependencies for many people to play medic.
  4. I just bought a dedicated server and need help adding bots on the legacy mod through an ftp. I have followed quite a few guides online but it doesn't seem to be working. Also Im not sure what .cfg I should be changing so I have been making commands on the server.cfg, legacy.cfg and etl_server.cfg using the following commands set omnibot_enable "1" set omnibot_path "/legacy/omni-bot/et/user" /bot maxbots 6 /difficulty 3 set omnibot_flags "0" bot minbots "-1" countspectators "0" bot balanceteams "1" bot addbot 1 1 ^1RAMMSTEIN //axis soldier bot addbot 1 2 ^1MEGADETH //axis medic bot addbot 1 3 ^1TOOL //axis engineer bot addbot 2 1 ^4FILTER //allied soldier bot addbot 2 2 ^4METALLICA //allied medic bot addbot 2 3 ^4PANTERA //allied engineer I have a feeling the pathway is not correct, when I type any bot cmd in console I get "unkown cmd bot"
  5. Cappuzo final is a fun map and would work well on the server I think.
  6. Will be very sad if Seawall gets removed just had a full server play it and it was a blast, all the original 6 maps should be in the rotation. I think the lower axis door that replaced the turret should be removed, it benefits allies on an already heavily favoured allied map. I agree with Marrakesh removal.
  7. SAP

    Easter Event

    Will try to make it, what does hide and seek entail?
  8. Played ET back in its prime in 03/05 and left a lasting impression on me. Went on to play starcraft and CounterStrike and just a week ago had a massive urge to come back to this game, was getting tired of all the conventional stuff and missed the old school quake shooters from my youth. Found ET Legacy and the muppet server and couldn't be happier. I thought this game was dead, all I could see was bots filled servers and terrible mods. The Muppet server represents the last salvation for his game it seems. I'm located in Canada (Vancouver) so I gotta play in the afternoon but I can't complain, getting my et fix. Also somehow it seems like there is little to no lag which is insane to me. Anyways really dig what you guys are doing and I haven't been able to stop playing all week. See you in the server!
  9. Welcome to TeamMuppet. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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