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  1. Sure, u getting old
  2. Welcome to the forums and enjoy your stay here
  3. Welcome to the forums and enjoy your stay here ...btw. maybe i remember you from SSX-Netteam if it's possible ... but my memory isn't that good as before ... so, welcome and enjoy
  4. this will not help to your case at all ... so, calm down and tomorrow we can talk about that again. for now, case closed.
  5. @Tyler no, z toho, co Charlie uvedl, je duvod jasny. Sorry chlape, ale toto je presne v intencich nasich pravidel. Ban zustava platny. According to the proof that Charlie gave us - no doubts, it's forbidden. Your ban will stay and sorry, but we have to follow our rules, no matter who will break it.
  6. @Tyler nazdar chlape, zjistim, co se stalo a vratim se k Tobe. Ale obecne - jakykoliv druh reklamy na jine klany/servery je striktne zakazan. Nicmene, neznam detaily, zjistim a dam Ti vedet. Your case will be investigated and we will come back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience. p.s.: Charlie is the leader, so im quite sure that we will get explanation what happened
  7. in some ways this make sense to me but also i have to agree with jessica - hard to say if we really need this... btw. another question is what we will do when mistake will happen and someone will be warned by mistake - there is no !dewarn command and so ... Imo we need to think about that and talk about another consequences ...going to say that we have to discuss these things in the admin team and we will come back with decision or another solution for discussion. Thanks for your inputs!
  8. both commands will do the same "shuffle_teams_sr_norestart" (it's customized in our WA version) yes, but i'm not sure that this is what we want to. this can be done by lua if needed/requested. ...lot of opinions above. But there is no win-win solution imo. From my point of view only active members/admins can use their brain for to think about when the game is uneven and then they can do some actions agains that. They can ask someone to join another side, they can do shuffle, they can do put (inactive players) and lot of another options ... any type of program (lua or whatever) will not solve all the problems - only active members with brain can do that trick...
  9. members ? imo we can work with that - ask admins with names and i'm sure they will talk to that members to follow our rules....
  10. pics, cam/videos ? what u wanna see ? you are a bit dirty it seems
  11. ...and you will never change yourself
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