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  1. Theoretically, yes. In practice, it will certainly take time to get feedback, but nobody knows how long. Code quality will certainly be lower initially, before increasing again in later snapshots.
  2. So here we are. The following will most likely be quite long, because it's not easy to give a full picture of where we are now without looking at how we arrived in the current situation. Disclaimer: this is an attempt to describe the past year more or less accurately, some part of it only involves my own point of view, I am not speaking on behalf of the whole ETL dev team. In any case, don't take it personally, because infuriating people is not the objective here. Giving an explanation on the current situation in a more factual manner is, so TM knows what's the way ahead. Just drop me a P
  3. There are, with other fixes. You can see what's changed in the public changelog. However, there are also many smaller changes done, and we can't guarantee stability. At this point, I am (personally) not willing to recommend any further build upgrade, because I feel TM (as a whole) doesn't understand the drawback and many here rather have their cake and eat it too. The too high expectation of players generates a lot of stress and frustration that have lately reached an unhealthy level for developers (at least for me, personally). I'll try to write more about it later tonight or tomorr
  4. I am saying most changes done have nothing to do with it, and aren't even visible in-game.
  5. Yeah, that's likely it: because some people thought the dead hitbox was too hard to reach, we've increased specifically for syringe (and syringe only). However, that means the syringe hitbox doesn't match the model hitbox anymore: it's bigger in the base game... and lower when the model is standing with that script. ¯\(°_o)/¯
  6. I don't know what's "revive without teamkill". Maybe you're referring to "healing without teamkill"? This is a separate Lua script modification that isn't part of the base game.
  7. Short version: explosion rework, and an attempt to fix whatever happened that produce strange issues on main server (issues we can't reproduce locally). Long version: many background changes were done, but that's mostly irrelevant for TM.
  8. You can now test the reworked explosions (wip) on the latest build on `/connect etlegacy.com`.
  9. A new WIP build is now running live on `/connect etlegacy.com`. It might or it might not fix issues, we'll not know until this is stress tested. Unfortunately, the ET:L team is too small to do any kind of large scale testing, so providing a well tested build depends on all of you. We'll soon come up with an alternative way to increase public testing.
  10. No idea what you mean. Please reformulate.
  11. The last adjustment to antilag changes are dated from March 17. That build was shipped on TM server on March 19, nearly 7 weeks ago. And apart the collision box issue (sticky chair), I don't see any other changes done recently that could affect players. Since, according to you, the issue appeared only recently, all I can say is: this might be related to the box collision issue. this might be related to the high population of the server, coupled to some other factors (settings, number of people having maxed out levels which might compound the issue, etc.) this might even
  12. Yes. But what else is it to know that we don't already know? The collision box issue ("sticky chair" that might be seen in other context), has been solved nearly two weeks ago. There isn't anyone at TM that has free time to update the server in a way that ensure the transition is smooth (Eagle is busy as hell, and TM doesn't seem to have anybody else as backup), so the update isn't applied. We (ETL team) can't do anything about weird issues that pop up because of a server that is too crowded. Blame the ET engine. Apparently TM admins decided they "won't increase or decrease
  13. There is one way to help with that, and without going into the technical details, it requires TM admins (as the ones that can update the server, work with DB and stuff) to be available and have the time to do proper migration, which has been a problem in the past week due to current IRL issue.
  14. Just to clarify: Things do not "fall apart" for the devs, they fall apart for the players. Someone asked why stuff might feel weird from one session to another, despite not code change, I simply answered. It's hard to say what the players limit should be, because there are so many variables and depends on what exactly happens on the server (f.e, having most players leveled up with Field Ops 4 and double airstrike compounds the problem), but I do know ET has been designed around a practical limit of 32 players, and that the probability of seeing weird things increases with more player
  15. Yes, I see two possibilities that might be related: * As I mentioned above, the collision code has been adjusted in -1002, but we have found a bug since then and fixed it (long story short: rounding error, where boxes shouldn't collide but might collide very slightly on some occasion, depending on the colliding objects orientation on the map). Some of you reported it as "sticky chairs", but the issue might apply in other cases too. This has been fixed and the build ready since a week ago, but the new build isn't on TM yet. * TM main server is often full. Due to limitation of the engi
  16. TM has been running on the same build since April 17 (2.76-1002). Nothing has changed in the code for the past 2 weeks...
  17. The syringe "accuracy" hasn't changed for many months - and when it did change it was to make revive easier. There have been changes on collision boxes though, with some issues fixed - but TM is running an old version currently.
  18. This issue has been fixed already and will be shipped in a next update (not the next build, that is waiting to be installed on TM servers, but the next one).
  19. Can't reproduce locally. No changes to that part of the code have been made recently afaik.
  20. Yep, that is seemingly related to the corpses stuttering fix. https://i.imgur.com/HTisMpC.jpg
  21. Better overhaul default options is planned (with various preselected choices), but nobody worked on that yet. In the meantime, if that is really an issue, admins can force the cvars.
  22. Making it "more interesting", as you pointed out. Choose wisely.
  23. * cg_bobbing has never been about the gun moving, whatever than means (I have no idea). * We don't know yet. That depends on what changes will be done, and if the current database will stay compatible or not. What I do know is that if/when we expand the system on the current foundation, by allowing perks for people that have prestige points, then everybody that made use of the system will have an edge start on people that didn't make use of it. Choose wisely.
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