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  1. Hello Goldy welcome and enjoy!
  2. I agree with the opinions that panzer should not be enabled/allowed within a game that counts less than 10 players. I know the intention was to keep ETL2 the same as ETL1, but it seems a lot of objective based players are joining ETL2. If you've got a 4v4 game going on for example and an experienced players takes panzer, it might result in a 4v2 if the panzerplayer kills 2 players of the opposing team (which is realistic if someone experienced takes panzer and knows where to shoot). I know it's part of the game of course, but I still think enabling panzer with 10 players or more will do the ga
  3. Welcome Aciz. Didn't notice you weren't on our forums yet
  4. Hello Monkey, welcome! Enjoy your stay at our forums as well in our servers
  5. Hi there, welcome to our forums. Enjoy
  6. Spojetski! The secretly hidden Polak How is it possible you're not from Poland with a name like that Anyway, welcome to our forums. Hope you'll look around here and I'll see you around in the (scrim)server.
  7. Voted Voted wrong of Battery though. I go with Stypek about the previous version of Battery and that seems to be the SW version (I voted for original). Anyway, good to have all the versions of those (popular) maps together so we can choose.
  8. Poyer

    New year

    Happy new year all !
  9. Poyer

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas and have a great New Year you all !
  10. Poyer

    Summer Event!

    Gotta work, but maybe I can hop in afterwards! Have fun anyway
  11. Looking forward to the super secret fun party
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