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  1. Hi there, welcome to the forums :). Enjoy!
  2. Huh, that really true? I remeber that I've been playing this map and that the map just ended after like 20 or 25 minutes? But forgive me, that must've been 12 or 13 years ago :D. Anyway, I always like the map, so I voted F1 for Hydro Dam :).
  3. You guys are nuts, you know that?
  4. Welcome and enjoy your stay here
  5. Welcome and enjoy your stay here !
  6. Poyer

    How do.

    Hi there, Xen sr. welcome and enjoy your stay. Great addition to our servers :)!
  7. Poyer

    Spankilling rules

    Hi Sebast1an, That are some serious specific questions! Let me respond with my thoughts (for what they're worth ). You are right to say that, as for our 'main Legacy server' spawnkill isn't allowed as such (like right after losing spawn protection you start shooting them while they are still in spawn isn't allowed). On the other hand: if the enemy (in your example Axis) starts shooting at you while that specific enemy is still in his/her spawn (or even start shooting with his/her spawn protection active, which will be deactivated as soon as they start shooting at you) you are allowed to shoot back! So if an enemy starts shooting at you while you are running through their spawn, you may shoot back even though the enemy is in her/his spawn . As for players "seeking safe haven in spawn to heal themselves": in my opinion that's not spawnkilling, since the player has already moved out of spawn to fight and then goes back. Even if the player went out of spawn and didn't fight (but got hit by mortar or artillery or something) and then goes back into spawn to heal himself/herself, my opinion still stands that by killing this player within the spawnarea isn't spawnkilling (because he went out of spawn already). The other question you asked is more difficult to answer, because if you just see someone healing in spawn, not knowing where (s)he came from... you don't actually know if (s)he's been in a fight and is "looking for safe haven in spawn to heal himself/herself" or if (s)he just spawned and gives himself/herself the one package needed to have 156HP... Thus, to summarize my opinion: if an enemy went out of spawn to fight (or got hit by mortar/artillery or whatsoever) and goes back into spawn to "seek safe haven to heal himself/herself" and you go right after him/her and kill him/her within spawnarea, that's no spawnkilling in my opinion. The other possibility you suggest: you can't possible tell that someone is healing from battle/mortar/artillery or just giving himself/herself the last package to get 156HP... so that COULD be spawnkilling (if the particular player hasn't been out of spawn yet). To conclude: if an enemy starts shooting at you from within his/her spawn, then you are allowed to shoot back at this particular player. Oh and yes, this seem to be a small book as well . Really curious about what other muppets think by the way, since I'm not the one with all the knowledge here. Just gave my two cents for what's it worth . Edit: after reading Matu his post I would like to add/clarify that it would qualify as spawnkilling if you kill an enemy that indeed DIDN'T move out of his/her spawn and DIDN'T shoot at you.
  8. Hi there oldman, nice to see you joined the forum, welcome! You're a regular player on our servers and I've got to say that you're a pretty good shot as well (and that for someone who has been AFK for like 10 years). Once again welcome back and enjoy the game!
  9. Hi there, welcome! Good to see you enjoy our server(s). Of course your skill will only improve by time , which means we'll see you around in the server a lot I guess . Besides, skill isn't the most important part of the game. Teamplay is at least as important and the most important part: fun and joy! Have a great time and I hope real life will work out for you soon (with you being forced to stay at home for at least a month).
  10. Voted as well! Good job Charlie I like this voting thing
  11. Cool, good luck with the 3on3! As for 6on6 I'm avi Sunday evening... dunno if you can use me
  12. Hi there FrenchPie, welcome! Good to have another objective based player. It really doesn't matter if you're a good fragger of not. The game we play in both our Legacy servers are based on winning the objective after all, so welcome, enjoy and we'll see you around in the server(s)!
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