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  1. Welcome Aciz. Didn't notice you weren't on our forums yet
  2. Hello Monkey, welcome! Enjoy your stay at our forums as well in our servers
  3. Hi there, welcome to our forums. Enjoy
  4. Spojetski! The secretly hidden Polak How is it possible you're not from Poland with a name like that Anyway, welcome to our forums. Hope you'll look around here and I'll see you around in the (scrim)server.
  5. Voted Voted wrong of Battery though. I go with Stypek about the previous version of Battery and that seems to be the SW version (I voted for original). Anyway, good to have all the versions of those (popular) maps together so we can choose.
  6. Poyer

    New year

    Happy new year all !
  7. Poyer

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas and have a great New Year you all !
  8. Poyer

    Summer Event!

    Gotta work, but maybe I can hop in afterwards! Have fun anyway
  9. Looking forward to the super secret fun party
  10. Hi there, welcome to the forums :). Played the summercup 2v2 against you (and Lepari). Got wrecked of course. Anyway: nice to see you joined the forums.
  11. How cool! Thanks again for the work in order to meet our requests . What should we do without you guys ?!
  12. Isn't that called Korsakoff my friend ? Just kidding! Nice introduction and a steady addition to our servers. Feel welcome and see you on the battlefield !
  13. Hi there, welcome to the forums :). Enjoy!
  14. Huh, that really true? I remeber that I've been playing this map and that the map just ended after like 20 or 25 minutes? But forgive me, that must've been 12 or 13 years ago :D. Anyway, I always like the map, so I voted F1 for Hydro Dam :).
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