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  1. cut off his head!!! (french expression for some who lost their head)
  2. I could !put bot s but as they change their function each 2 minutes the composition is really fluctuating
  3. Hi all! Is there a way to automatically organise a team with the bots? For example this morning i was Allie and my team was: - 3 Fieldops - 1 engie (me) - 1 soldier - 1 medic The game was boring with all these useless functions.
  4. OK! These files are in my .etlegacy/legacy, the first of this "kind" is from the 4th of December... I never saw these files before... MrMuppet do you know what are these files made for?
  5. Never heard anything about pk3 files with a name like this one... maybe i missed something but i play ET since 15 years at least and under Linux... Are you sure of .etlegacy/etlegacy/? Cause usually it's .etlegacy/legacy Can you verify? do you use Discord? it would be easier to communicate...
  6. Which server are you trying to connect? I have to know which mod you are trying to use: legacy? etpro? etpub?
  7. Could you describe what happens please? I understand that you canceled some files, but i don't see what you did... Which is the missing file? It seems the whole installation of ETL is in your home directory even the hidden directory. I do the same, it's easier to manage... If you deleted some system files you should reinstall it If you deleted archive files, you could download the ETLegacy Linux 64bits binary and decompress it in your ETL directories. In any case that what you could try first... https://www.etlegacy.com/download
  8. that what happen to me to, twice, but without any frustration as the XP come back really fast...
  9. IMO the question is "how many players max on ETLegacy2" cause 6 players and some bots on big maps make the game not so lively. Maybe smaller maps are the best choice at the beginning...
  10. so you quoted my message just before i removed it. I had the feeling it was not the right place to post it, but let's go
  11. I already tried to talk with this clan member by PM in English (Globish in fact...) and his native language (not French) but he never answered me. He is a new member and I suppose he doesn't understand English at all, so i could have not read the rules... So next time i will see him doing that i will send him as many PM needed to obtain one answer
  12. Exactly what did a member today on Venice, leaving the team he had been switched to, 3 times on a row... Nice example given to the players...
  13. Nice!!! Cause playing on a so "big" server with so many players is sometimes a bit hard to handle for me (remember i am no more that young...) even if so many full slots reduce imbalance due to "pro players".
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