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  1. Alistar


    I have also high ping with telia provider. Got 1000 m connection still having 80-100 ping.
  2. I have high ping and lag spikes though I use 400 mb download connection with 50 mb/s upload speed. Is there anything to do? This occurs when there are several players online.
  3. I know but I realized too late to take information because I disconnected from the server just after I kicked him.
  4. Hello, today I warned a swedish player whose name was fuck admins and yankies. He did not obey and changed his/her name into fuck admins and muppets. After renaming I kicked the player out of the server. Please have a look at this player who uses insulting names from time to time.
  5. I have not still received answer regarding to !kickbots command. Could level 8 or 9 admins have kickbots cmd too?
  6. I have AMD Phenom X4 965 BE which is relatively old CPU from 2009 with constant 125 fps. I guess it depends how ET utilizes both GPU and CPU ingame to have decent FPS.
  7. Those commands do not work on level 9 admins. Can those commands be allowed? During mornings and day time it is sometimes necessary to kick all bots to ensure comfortable gameplay.
  8. Unfortunately not even level 9 experienced member can't kick all bots out. Can't we allow !kickbots for at least level 8 admins?
  9. When is xmas server on?

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    2. Charlie


      I bet alistar already has his decorations up

    3. Matu


      I bet he havent taken them off 

    4. Alistar


      Haha :D Christmas is on 347/7. 

  10. Hello, no minimizer is required if you have the latest Etlegacy version. It allows you to minimize the game and multitask between other applications. Download here: https://www.etlegacy.com/download
  11. I just got a crazy idea! How it sounds if we tried to break a record on ET and have 100 players at the same time on the server?

    1. Ctrz


      You sure there isnt such record already? Ive seen very big servers years ago when ET was at peak...

  12. I do find it sad that there are not admins available in all our servers when needed. Most of us play on etlegacy server. Of course, I am fully certain that we members can not provide 24/7 surveillance due to limited resources. If it creates a solution to this I can supervise every now and then on the beginner´s server when it is populated.
  13. Ice, beach, Minas tirith, MLB_temple, castle attack, airfield, MML_helmsdeep, teuthonia
  14. Interesting. I can´t personally believe that he cheated. Anyway, an admin will check the case and let you know the outcome.
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