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  1. maybe time to change maps again on Beginners, would like to hear suggestions , also with Christmas coming.. Possible to make a poll with the excisting maps on BG, so people know what is already there and can vote for maps to add or remmove. I am not that handy with that kind of stuff
  2. no not your bad, i said xlabs, but it should be axis lab. Also the same with my wife overhere.
  3. i said xlabs , but i ment axislab_final.pk3 Map name: axislab_final.bsp Author(s): Jon Swenson (=N4RC= Smokey) and Chris Swenson (Hobbie) so if you would be so kind to replace or add.??
  4. ??????????????????????? no one alive here????
  5. Appreciate your work, Thank you.!! Maybe The Holy Grail to??
  6. Possible to put the following maps.? Holy grail Pretoria ( the one that did run first, is it just pretoria? ) xlabs and the gold versions of the default maps.
  7. I agree, i have a 165 hz monitor, but monitors getting cheaper and cheaper and are higher in refresh rates. Am I correct, saying that it will not affect other players with lower refresh rates.?
  8. Is it possible to look at the country flags settings or missing files for that function. Now the country flags are incorrect, not a big need to have that done, it only would look nicer.?!
  9. But ..........it is hard to please everybody, different cuktures, different characters and personalities. But we get a regular base of guests that like to play and makes it more comfortable. I like this clan and the members and am a laid back player and objective player. If we accept certain disadvantages with Nitmod, it is a nice server to play on.!
  10. I know what you mean, on the BG server we have sometimes to deal with so called Rambo medics. Mostly they just like to frag and dont care about anything else. But at hte other hand , I see it as a good practice and maybe TM should change the name of the server.? My last clan we dealed with the issue by making the inteval with the healthpackages bigger, so Rambo medics had to deal with waiting longer to get full health, but the disadvantage is, "normal"medics have to deal with it also.
  11. Does it make a big difference?? Dont think so, one bot more to play with and one mnore to play against. !? Problem is , members/players seem to have something against Nitmod, why, I dont know. If members would visit more on a regular base, maybe it would attract more guests/players and the BOT issue is gone. I personally dont like servers with loads of people playing, I would be laying more on the ground then playing. I played a couple of years in another clan purely and alone on a Nitmod server and was able to get more players on a regular base and even get more members for the clan. But that is behind me now. Y tru the same here, but it seems to be a lot more difficult because members seem to avoid the Nitmod server.
  12. Get lately lot of complains from guests . They find the bots to difficult. Possible to get them 1 point( level ) lower?
  13. THX. yep they are there and working. Could you also reduce the warmup time to 20 seconds?
  14. Wacht am Rhein, battle of the bulge, didn`t see these coming up. Is there a reason for? Bots are working fine now .
  15. yep on goldrush bots are not working, rest i have to see. But thx for adding them so quickly
  16. marketgarden, chickenbucket, et tram final, Goldrush sw final ( replace the other goldrush with it , or add it ) Wacht am Rhein, battle of the bilge, Lighthoude, Leningrad. Also when searching i stimbled on a minimod that changes the teams including objective, weapons etc. on the standard maps So axis attacks and allies defends. But dont know if this will work on nitmod. ( attached files ) readme.txt z_aaad.pk3
  17. Some guests on the server would like some maps where axis is attacking, i dont kow right away wich maps there are available, but will look around
  18. Dont know there were more versions for preatoria....lol, The one i know is mission two final, mission one i dont know
  19. I would like preatoria, radar Phoenix version and maybe -BRIDGES-
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