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  1. Hello! Im new in here so i hope im posting in the right place, but anyways.. i rememver when i use to play more, long long time ago, there was this thing called "sudden death" for example.. when i plant the dyna 15 seconds before the end, originally the time would end, and so would the map, but in that case after going to zero it would go oon, and count down the rest 15sec showing the defusing engis how much time they have to defuse it. Sometimes its only a mather of seconds and it makes things alot more interesting. Selfkills should be limited per map. I myself like to use selfkill, when i have two bullets left or the situation is hopeless sometimes, but some ppl have started to use is it in a standard situation, which is quite annoying. If you rack up 15+ selfkills per map its way too much. Also covert ops, sometimes when your undercover it shows a green tot on your head sometimes it doesnt.. when its oon, it way too easy to for the enemy to recognize you.. and the green tot undercover and green tot in fireteam match which is confusing..I think that the enemy should be pro enough to smell you out on a fishy movement, since usually the guy moves really wierd cuz hes on a mission of hes own, so if your not sure just shoot couple of warning bullets to hes head i know i have more suggestions, i just can remember them atm.. anyway thank you for your time and see you on the battlefield.. cheers!
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