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  1. I understand that the way admins handled this leaves some room for improvement. I agree with you on that. However, it is not like you did any better. Instead of choosing something else as your name after getting kicked, you went with "shitheads". What did you think was gonna happen? On top of that, you have registered to the forum as "nigero". Not sure what it means but you can understand what it sounds like. Also, while unique usually means different that everything else, in this instance I think admins are looking for names that they can identify you under i.e. choosing a name that you stick with. qqqqqqqq sounds like a spam name. I'm sure admins will figure this out. Just be patient. Merry Christmas to all!
  2. Sebast1an


    Thank you. So abusing this script basically means standing still but moving just enough so that you don't get put to spec?
  3. Sebast1an


    Sorry for going offtopic but what is an auto spec script? What does it do?
  4. Imo gib would be better than freeze. Freeze will cause people to kill him and his complaints will get them kicked eventually. Plus gibbing is manageable even while playing - just spam it at spawntimes.
  5. If you want to solve this problem, then instead of debating it for weeks you should make decisions so he can't continue to be a menace. Any decision you do regarding giving more access to people, is in the right direction so don't be afraid to do it. And it is reversible so there really is no risk at all. Just remove peoples levels if they can't behave. It is still better than letting him roam free on the server. I suggest you give the kick, gib, freeze etc. to every TM member. To level 5 you could give the freeze and gib. And when this problem stops being a problem, reverse it back.
  6. Give level 5 (friend) the kick command, simpler solution. Allow them to only kick cheaters so anything else is considered abuse. Abusing -> back to 0.
  7. Much like you have the right to play the game in the way you want, so do everyone else. I understand the frustration though - but there's nothing you can really do about it except help the defence yourself.
  8. Personally I love it. Additional mg that both sides can effectively use. Also as Ding said, provides cover also for both sides.
  9. I don't know exactly how many hits it currently takes but 5 hits seems plenty to kill someone who is already dead. If 156 is normal health for a medic, 5 normal hits with thompson/mp40 would be 5x18dmg = 90dmg which is already more than half. Seems reasonable to me.
  10. Well, I'm glad this topic yielded some fruit regarding the sk area, even if it wasn't what I originally intended. The reasoning behind the current setup seems well thought out so no big changes are necessary. Thank you all for your responses and effort.
  11. Seems reasonable. Is it not possible to bring the red area further at all, even to protect only the other spawn? Because currently I'd argue exit mortaring is possible and quite effective if done right.
  12. Hello, currently the Erdenberg spawnkill restrictions on axis second spawn look as pictured below. As there are multiple exits, you can't within the current rules disallow any sort of heavy weaponry, artillery or airstrikes outside the spawn (red areas or beyond). This topic is about mortar as mortar could effectively block both exits. In my opinion at least the right spawn in the image is not covered from exit mortaring as there is literally nowhere else to go. My suggestion is to widen the red area to the rest of the grey area towards the gun. This way mortaring near the exits would be disallowed but you could still throw everything else in that area to slow axis down.
  13. I think the time bonuses are a good addition but they are somewhat missing the original point of why they were added (in my opinion). Originally I think they were added so that a map won't be dragged out because of unfair teams. To give the offending team a certain time to finish the first part of the map and if they succeed, then give them a bonus to finish the second part of the map as well. If they fail to pass first stage, then the map ends earlier - seems simple and fair to me. This as a whole is a great addition. However, I feel like giving time bonuses for every small bit of advancement is ruining the point. Certainly seems like a "screw you" to anyone defending when the offence keeps getting more and more time. I would split maps in however many parts they clearly have and give bonuses only for getting past those certain stages. Delivering first objective is not a clear stage in my mind so in Decay I would only split the map to 2 parts and give a bonus only for passing the first stage (outside). If it's not enough, then defence wins fair and square.
  14. This sort of highlight pleases my eyes at least. Maybe keep the stars red/blue and change the white to something so the whole message stands out from the otherwise white mass?
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