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  1. Stealing it will be impossible if axis can just damage it over and over.
  2. If axis get stuck on the first part, 3 minutes less of that is always welcome in my opinion. 6+6 addition instead of 5+5 isn't unreasonable either.
  3. One easy way to figure out the approximate percentage amongst players is to use /players ingame. It will display their client version amongst other information. But anyway, I use ETL.
  4. I'm sure you were warned beforehand and took no action other than continue spawnkilling. For future reference, it helps to read the warning messages (and also the spawnkilling rules while you're at it).
  5. I feel like if you can't put the changes into one sentence and still make sense, it is too much of a change.
  6. If I played as a rambomedic, I would not trade the ability to heal myself for +16hp and hp regeneration. Healing oneself is what makes rambos so powerful, as most of the time they will be able to win any given 1v1 and even if not, selfhealing will give them another chance at it. Not to mention after you win your duel, you can heal yourself and go on to the next. With soldier class, you're just stuck with the low hp and are basically useless in regards of the next duel. Health regeneration at low hp, say it's 6hp/sec at 30hp, to regenerate the remaining hp takes 21 seconds. Might as well respawn at that point. This topic about medics being overpowered has been brought up about 600 times already. Usually people don't like making changes to it so I'm quite confident this time is no different.
  7. I might have argued my point poorly but nevertheless I didn't mean people should be kicked for inactivity after 20 minutes regardless of server population. Kicking people for inactivity when the server isn't full sounds horrible. One helpful command for admins would be something that prints all the specs and their inactivity times into the console so it's easy to pick out the AFK's. Just confirm by asking before !kick.
  8. In my opinion there is no reason to set the time for inactivity for as low as 5-10 minutes. When the server is full, there are usually people who have been in spec for several maps in a row. Instead, I would suggest a time of 15-20 minutes. If you're AFK for longer than that, it is no longer a "brb" and players would most likely understand getting kicked after that. Getting kicked over a 5min AFK would annoy me at least. If the game can't find anyone worthy of a kick, then admins could step in to ease the situation. One other thing that came to mind was a popup in the chat, telling people to "consider joining the game as the server is full". This would prompt admins to act quicker as well, as it is not always obvious that the server is indeed full with the private slots and whatnot. Also could be a popup for the admins only, so the chat doesn't get spammed with it for the regular players who can't do anything about it.
  9. It is a difficult topic, especially now that the war is happening in Europe. As you mentioned, no one bats an eye anymore when it's not in Europe since it isn't relevant to them. Myself included. Looking forward to seeing how TM decides to handle this one. Banning support for Ukraine seems dumb but on the other hand, supporting Russia should be allowed as well even if most people disagree with Russia's actions these past weeks. Suggestion for solution: let players colour their names all they want but any political discussion or changing their names to support either side is prohibited. If players wish to discuss, there is a topic about the war on the forum so direct them here in that case.
  10. Don't punish individuals ingame or in real life over something they have no control over.
  11. Exploitable yes but apart from a select few, people don't usually realize how easy it is to hold command posts in general. Also, I have never seen anyone hold the command post like this for very long because eventually your teammates will build it if you don't. As for Battery: the map is over if allies capture the command post while axis still hold the flag. Should not make the map any easier in my opinion. It is by no means impossible as it is.
  12. Never really understood the issue with selfkills but if any changes were made, they should be towards counting selfkills as kills/deaths and not anything related to delays. Pretty sure nothing will change though, people don't usually selfkill to avoid deaths so it'll keep happening.
  13. Me too but that's a separate issue. Ideally the working principle is good in my opinion.
  14. I think it is fair as it is. Picks the last one to join a team after a certain time. Simple.
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