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  1. !rules language Welcome! p.s. Please apply to join our clan so we can deny your entry!
  2. I love it too. But the moment it will be added you better hide, the hate is strong with this one.
  3. Yes it's a good idea. We all know the feeling of sticking the needle but no effect.
  4. Welcome StarScream! Nice that you joined the forums!
  5. This was a fascinating read. All I can say is THANK YOU to you and the rest of developers! I am definitely grateful for all that you do, and you do it for free. And if needed include me in the testing server if there will be one Cheers
  6. To hell with reason and logic! I want Beach back Joke...but for real. Since the quarantine is over there are also a few less problem makers. But I get your point.
  7. ET BEACH INVASION !!!!! Why was this POPULAR map deleted? !?!? I need answers ! Someone needs to be fired! Bring back Beach Invasion! . ... . . Please And some other version of Cortex. The last one was not good. And some have said there are better versions out there.
  8. Can't complain about lag, it's the usual now and then.. BUT about unhit, damn that is a big problem. I am 100% on the guy, he's not moving, no hits.
  9. Welcome FrenchPie, glad you joined the forums!
  10. I saw a lot of complaining today. But strangely for me nothing changed. Everything works the same as yesterday... I am using m00f's cfg... //NETSETTINGS //maxed out, could need adjustments - check with lagometer seta rate "45000" seta snaps "40" //should match server specific sv_fps seta cl_maxpackets "125" seta com_maxfps "250" seta cl_packetdup "1" //PREFERENCES //some more m00f specials seta pmove_fixed "0" //better set to 0 when fighting - it increases recoil and weapon spread seta cg_fov "90" //set to 106.27 for silent and jaymod (16:9 bug) seta cg_autoReload "1" seta cg_autoswitch "1" seta cg_drawFPS "2" seta cg_drawGun "1" seta cg_drawSmallPopupIcons "1" seta cg_drawTime "1" seta cg_zoomstepsniper "16" //only 2 zoom levels seta cg_tracers "3" seta cg_altHud "2" seta cg_drawCrosshairNames "2" seta cg_popuptime "0" seta cg_lagometer "1" seta cg_simpleitems "0" seta cg_autoaction "0" //1 for demo, 7 for all seta cl_doubletapdelay "0" //GFX //generally set to high quality and crytal clear graphics, brighter map shadows and vsync turned off seta r_picmip "0" seta r_picmip2 "0" seta r_detailtextures "1" seta r_mapoverBrightBits "3" seta r_overbrightbits "0" seta r_fastsky "0" seta r_intensity "1" seta r_gamma "1.3" seta r_ignorehwgamma "0" seta r_texturemode "GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR" seta r_lodbias "0" seta r_finish "0" //TWEAKS //removal of the most distracting and view obstructing effects seta cg_wolfparticles "0" seta cg_atmosphericEffects "0" seta cg_coronas "0" seta r_flares "0" seta r_dynamiclight "0" seta r_wolffog "1" //maybe set to 1 if too fugly seta cg_runpitch "0" seta cg_runroll "0" seta cg_bobup "0" seta cg_bobpitch "0" seta cg_bobroll "0" seta cg_bobyaw "0" seta cg_bloodFlash "0" seta cg_bloodDamageBlend "0" //MEMORY //maxed out seta com_hunkmegs "736" seta com_soundmegs "64" seta com_zonemegs "128"
  11. Thanks for the games yesterday guys, was fun. I was kinda hopping there would be even more visitors, non-clan members. Until next time
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