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  1. Great job! But it seems that the mg in upper bunker is still usable and cannot be hit from outside anymore. That makes it real though for allies to kill the mg guy. Can we remove the mg or block it somehow?
  2. Excellent! Thank you all you nay-voters and ofc @Charlie
  3. Yeah well you can't avoid people from proning by adding a delay on getting up. Wouldn't it make morse sense then to put a delay on getting down instead? I mean that's what you are trying to avoid, people going down. I'm not thinking now ooh wait there is a 1 second delay when I need to get up, no ofc i just prone and later see whats what There are many more things we should tweak if we start tweaking stuff like this. Any chance it will be reverted with a majority of votes in favor of that? @MiniMuppet @Charlie
  4. Hi all you lovely people here's something I'd like to open a discussion about if that's okay. I think that most of you have already noticed there is now a 1 second delay on getting up again after proning. I’m not saying it’s the worst thing in the world but it comes pretty close imo. To me it feels like a unnecessary restriction on a player’s ability to move around freely. Talking from my own experience I know that proning works only just in maybe half the times you try it and as long as everyone is capable of doing it I don’t see any real unfair advantage. I know already from
  5. Ehh the regular please. By night?
  6. Preatoria we have tried many times on server, never really worked Radar phx is probably same as with adlernest roof version that bot waypoints don't work properly and people usually prefer the original version My only suggestion at the moment is to replace The well of Youth with Marrakech
  7. I've been looking for this map for quite some time but I could never remember the name. I'm pretty sure it has been on one of tm's servers in the past so I hope we can add it once more. Would you prefer adding it to main with 50 players or etl2 with 10 players?
  8. Completely agree with J, you need to play a lot to get high sr even as a high skilled player the system whith k/d ratings would be better like we used to have on etpub. from the moment players join our server their skill is constantly represented in the k/d rating and that makes for easy and fair shuffles imo
  9. All members have !put command but we never use it to shift good players to the losing team
  10. Never noticed that about Fegter, will keep on eye on him when he's there
  11. Happy to hear this, was starting to feel a little as if members were not really interested in upgrading Legacy 2 server. I'll wait patiently to see what changes will come. @Visangle was also asking me yesterday if I would want to join. Told him I was a member here before and that it ended abruptly after some shit that I don't exactly all remember. @MrMuppet / @MiniMuppet If there is no more hard feelings after the stunt we pulled 10 years ago (I think time is the best healing factor) I might put in an application. In my defence I was around 15 years old at the time and shared
  12. Thanks Ctrz for your reply, I don't use Discord and it if I did this solution would only work occasionally when high enough admin is online for long enough period of time (as bots also need to be returned). I know the easiest solution is to join TM and grab the power but lets pretend that this is not a possibility. Why not reduce the amount of bots permanently to 4 per team? Can someone give some logic why this would be a bad idea on a small secundo server without any real regular players . Server is not listed on Splatterladder btw. And for Stargate map, it would certainly help if
  13. Would it be possible to reduce the amount of bots to 4v4 on this server? Happened many times now that we are playing nice competitive games 4v4 or something like that and there's always this stupid bot trying to ruin the game by team killing with rnade or panzer. Or perhaps an in-game vote option to remove bots even though this is probabably not possible. Furthermore, i think that some other maps should be added soon as there are many complaints about the map pool. For example Stargate 1945 most impossible map ever, where allies need to destroy the gate with dynamite just so that axis can rebu
  14. My suggestion would be to add smaller maps that are fun to play with small teams. Like Chicken bucket, Troop train, Baserace, Purefrag/Valhalla
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