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  1. Hi friends, Hi Admins ❤️ how about we do a Server vote once a year, just for fun. The idea is to have certain titles that players can be voted on. for example: all the normal stuff like: best medic best engi best covert etc but then also have stuff like: biggest rambo medic biggest mortar degenerate biggest obj whore biggest spawnkiller best/worst aimer spammer etc it would be just for fun so people have something to vote and to interact with server and to see what the community thinks about each other what do people think?
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  2. In general, I agree. ( Afterall its a trial, and we can always go back ) We can add a comment they have to fill in why they call the vote. I rather see it from level 3 and higher And we can advertise : You have more options as from level 3, like you can call Vote : Kick ( Only do it with valide reason ) When we see people abusing this vote option, players will get set back to level 2
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  3. Hey. It seems that someone is bullying people in ETL1 and ETL2 servers while TM tagged community members are not online and makes playing a living hell. Also for great pun - that someone is using also other players names. That someone can be one or multiple person - dont know at this point. My suggestion is pretty simple and basic (but needs a script to be written) - give people in server right to use kickvote option. To keep it civil and organised, it also needs some terms. My best suggestion is: allow to start the kicvote from level 2 and up. vote can be initiated only against serverlevel 0 and 1 players. needs at least 51% of active people in server to vote. if specs could be included and allowed initiate and to vote - even better. needs at least 51% of voted people to vote "yes" for the kick to be happen person who will be kicked, will get X amount of cooldown from server (similar to current cooldown for too many sk) one person can only initiate one vote per map vote starters are logged and they should be informed that starting those kickvotes for any other reason than to kick the cheater might cause some consequences (we dont want people to start voting out random panzer or mortar or objective player) before kickvote or during kickvote - post about it should be made in discord (can make separate channel for it if needed This suggestion is made to allow kickvote to take place ONLY to kick out blatant namestealer/aimbot (or whatever cheat) user. Points 1,2 and 3 are very open to discussion. TM Members (serverlevel 6 and above) should have the kick or at least 3x !warn -> kick option. This change would be trial based and limited time. C#
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  4. Mini added callvote to server. All active members(exept our trial) is atleast lvl8 with kick command.If not,ask for it on server. Freeze will be added tomorrow morning to lvl 5s.Player will be unfrozen if killed so best is to freeze on spawn.
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  5. If you want to solve this problem, then instead of debating it for weeks you should make decisions so he can't continue to be a menace. Any decision you do regarding giving more access to people, is in the right direction so don't be afraid to do it. And it is reversible so there really is no risk at all. Just remove peoples levels if they can't behave. It is still better than letting him roam free on the server. I suggest you give the kick, gib, freeze etc. to every TM member. To level 5 you could give the freeze and gib. And when this problem stops being a problem, reverse it back.
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  6. Yes funny idea. Let’s also add a poll for best smoke user, even if we all know who will win 🤪
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  7. They all should, if they can't handle it they shouldn't be that level. Kickvote is harder to have it passed because only people on same team can vote, the dude is constantly changing teams and names, people won't know how to do /callvote <playerID> and the wrong player will be kicked, you have to write a brand new log system to control who calls a vote when....
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  8. Hey guys ! Could be a cool idea indeed to make a Poll with all these "Awards" ! i'd be up ! All classes (best soldier, best medic, best field ops, best covi, best engi) with yeah some best aim, best frag, best admin, Most loved one, most hated one etc... 😋
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  9. C2 Missile b4 Not allowed. Marked as: Red-mortar Blue-artillery Yellow-heavy weapons Allies first spawn (fixed) Allies second / Axis first spawn (CAPTURABLE) Allies third spawn (FIXED) Axis second spawn (FIXED) Axis third spawn (FIXED)
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  10. Agreed, let’s act now and eventually reverse when problem is gone. Cannot wait for days/weeks before reacting.
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  11. Give level 5 (friend) the kick command, simpler solution. Allow them to only kick cheaters so anything else is considered abuse. Abusing -> back to 0.
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  12. Give me !gib command, i'll happily sit in spec and have fun
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  13. Given the idiot on the server cheating atm I would say yes. He looks like the kind of no life basement dweller that will keep it up, not the usual that give up after a little time. I feel like level 2 is too low to give it to but idk people on the server. We need to keep on top of people who abuse this though. Make some kind of post about the changes but not why (don't want to give the cheater attention), and the consequences on abusing it. Instant removal of level and no chance to regain it or something. EDIT/ Thought this was in members only
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  14. when @Ande and @Matu agree, who can build a kick vote ? Perhaps most easy would be : Possible to call vote : level 2 and higher able to vote : all players And then use normal logic we already have in place for mute, shuffle, etc.
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  15. Good move, as long as it doesnt get abused. Some folk are a bit unhinged. Maybe set up a new level, like a hall monitor that way u can put trusted ppl in it, and remove etc. And give that level the !kick idk.
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  16. Welcome to TeamMuppet. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.
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