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  1. For field ops you can make levels 3 and 4 harder to reach by xp, but I woudnt touch it 2 much because field ops is very important in the game, and I think its good to have diffrent classes playing in each team, mostly everyone play's medic. My point is maybe not to limit it to much so people would lose interest in being a field ops.
  2. Snatch3 is nice map, but it doesnt fits this server at all, its nice to play it on public servers but in here (where 95% of people play for objective only), its 2 hard for allies to do the objective, especially when lower amount of players like 4v4 5v5 or so...My suggestion is maybe CAEN1,2,3,4 you pick, it would b nice to have 1 map in a cycle where axis are attacking.
  3. Hey, I just suggested that soldier level cant be upgraded, meaning, if you are playing panzer you cant reach level 1 2 3 4 no matter how much xp u gain, you always remain level 0 soldier (same as like you cant get lvl 4 medic, which gives u adrenaline). Other classes all stay the same and upgredable, but on this way panzer is still here but you cant spam with it...and like Lepari said, especially not getting lvl 4 soldier where you also gain and mp40 or thompson, and then you have fast shooting panza+thompson+akimbo's...thats crazy... cheers!
  4. Hello, im here to reply again...I just wanted to point out about the panzerfaust on the server. I dont have anything against it, I agree its a part of the game, but maybe consider making it harder to upgrade trough levels, because already on level 2 you can shoot it very oftenly, not to mention when on lvl 3, and you can gain all that in 1 map if there are a lot of players on the server. Just imagine on delivery, whenever you are allies and you shoot trough that box, 4 axis in room are gone, or frostbite, when you going for docs, just shot in a wall or something and u get em all...maybe disabling level upgrade for it would be better? My point is to remain level 0 at all time. Cya ingame! cheers!
  5. DookieAxE

    New server

    Hello all, just wanted to say its a great server, only 1 thing would make it even better: complete xp reset with skills also after each map end, not after a whole campaign...just my opinion. cya!
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