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  1. eMMiel

    A big thank you

    WoW and Nice and congratz!
  2. Baguette baguette baguette everywhere
  3. Hey Jere. Welcome to the forums. Enjoy your stay.
  4. Hey dude, The mouse that I'm using is the g502 from logitech. It's a realy amazing mouse imo.
  5. eMMiel


    Hey Kevin, Nice reading your introduction. If you would like to join click link below. https://teammuppet.com/home/forums/forum/260-etlegacy-server/ There you can find all the necessary steps to join. Good luck and see you on the server. eMMiel
  6. This i think would be realy good. Except Valhalla. Valhalla would be to small imo.
  7. Oh it's spojetski. The amazing frenchie!
  8. I love the idea and i love that you just put 2 there instead of small maps. People will join faster like that. I think it's a good solution when etmain is full.
  9. eMMiel

    New year

    Happy new year bois.
  10. Heya weed, Nice to see you finally introduce yourself. Is a very active player and plays allot of scrims when he is avi. pretty good players aswell. Would be indeed a very fine addition to our community!
  11. Hey dude. Nice introduction! Thanks for all the kind words. Enjoy your stay!
  12. You are 100% procent right @Stumpel. Allot of people don't care for playing axis. I prefer it actually. But I also understand that we need to look for a solution for this. As this is not cool for the first people that joins the server, when there are still bots present.
  13. I don't think if it's possible in ETLegacy. But i know it's possible in NoQuarter. When you join a server loaded with bots, you always have one less slot in the team with lesser players. So you must join that team or else you can't play. So for example when you join you got 6 allies (3 real players + 3 bots)- 5 axis (2 real players 3 bots) going on. If you You don't have a choice to join Allies. Maybe that could be a solution for this.
  14. Waaaaa, you scared me with your first sentence. Nice initiative love the new look on the forum. I'll try and think about a something scary to send to you!
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