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  1. I actually gniffled a bit reading your introduction, nice! Welcome to our forums starscream, I'm glad you're enjoying your stay here! This community is indeed a great one to be in. I'm glad I haven't yet experienced your badly timed nades, so I won't pay you a single dime! Have fun fragging and see you on the servers!
  2. You should probably post this in map suggestions for ETL campaign. This is for the main one.
  3. Oops, must've missed it. I try and find some other maps. I'll get back to you!
  4. Or Helmsdeep. Would be Nice to play some big maps when main is playing 16 v 16. I like Warbell too. I'm not really a fan of themed maps, but I like the santa heads. Maybe flip flops for a summer feeling and swimwear .
  5. Oh, I didn't knew about that. Signal 4 is not something i usually go for.
  6. These two points are very good points. Sometimes it's difficult to know where the spawnkilling is allowed. So those things could clear it up. I know that we already have a limit on engineers on our campaign server. I'm not sure we have that implemented on our main. So that would be good that implement that. As for your other Points. I would love to keep the server as basic as possible. It was a good thing to ban the adrenaline. But to nerf the reviving of a medic, I don't think that would be a good idea. What do you mean by reducing the health regeneration? The healing over time or the healing with med-packs? Cause that would be the same argument as before. Keeping the game as vanilla as possible. I don't think you need to make covies great again. In a skilled player these guys can do quite allot of damage. Also satchels weren't meant to do any big damage. And it's not NoQuarter so it's not possible to detect a covert ops.
  7. Goldendunk (5 to 10 min pure frag with double jump (if possible)), Minas tirith, that other lord of the rings map: Helmsdeep, El kef, Marrakech Streets. Thanks, and bye bye.
  8. Hey stardotz! Welcome to the forums and enjoy your stay!
  9. eMMiel

    How do.

    Hey welcome to our forums! I have seen you allot on our servers. Mostly when you kill me. Have fun browsing around! See you on the battlefield.
  10. Will they be able to fix this in the upcoming build? I don't know who to tag for this.
  11. Yeah, I think he's talking about the place where the welcome message appears. It appears at the same place where the " your killed ... " message apears. I think we are already looking at moving that "welcome message" to another place. @Bystry was looking into that if I remember correctly.
  12. Hey Oldman, I've seen you alot on our servers! Nice to get to know you! You actually made me laugh a couple of times with your introduction. I'm sure you will get to used to al the new things with ETLegacy. You are not the oldest one here, so you could still use Youngman! Have fun with browsing around! And you never know about seeing an application to this community right? Frag on!
  13. Hey dude! Nice intro, welcome to our forums.
  14. Jesus, nice intro bro! I'll see you on TM discord! Pls profile jesus
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