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  1. Hi! Nice to meet you :-) see u in server
  2. Would like to add that Hokun also just teamkilled me... With knife and my health was not even that low. Did not respond on messages in teamchat afterwards. Eagle and MM were in spec.
  3. Welcome kitizen! Like to read your well thought posts :-) See u in server.
  4. Welcome! Great story. See you in server.
  5. Same here! Have it quite often, at least 10 times.
  6. I'd like to see MLB temple and Glider, as there are now enough players every evening on server. I also see quite some "not this map again" messages for map variations.
  7. When in doubt always pick Belgium right
  8. Awesome! I created a poll (see first post) about where and when to have meetup :-D Can I get confirm from admin? @Eagle_cz
  9. Doesn't seem to be enough interest..
  10. I think more TM people live in EU and Belgium seems like where most people live and is quite central :-D
  11. Hi, Who would be in for meeting up in Belgium to go for some beers and play ET there :-)? Three people are already in, started in this topic: @eagle could you move this topic to the right section? I don't have the rights.
  12. EyeOnMe

    Lua weapons

    If you'll tag him he gets a notification :-) @Eagle_cz
  13. Welcome man! :-) what nicknames do u use in server @Intro?
  14. Was looking too, will make a poster for next thursday's then @Niki
  15. Better late than never :-D
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