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  1. Will always be a hot topic i guess, the balancing.
  2. If i understand your postt well enough i think it's a good thing that the builds are getting public? Public = wider range of players = more testing = more feedback = more bugg fixing? Thanks for all the effort anyways :)
  3. The server not working as it should be makes at relevant for TM imo.
  4. Frenchie! You know the next post you have to make dont you Good you found the way to the forums
  5. Does prestige get reset with every update? I read your answer above spyhawk but this wasnt really clear for me.
  6. w00t w00t, ETL server admins. Congratz guys! And you are for sure doing a good job on that 2nd server, keep it up!
  7. I brought it up and got thru! Shame that the map is a lot more funny with double jump. How's star?
  8. Would be nice for an event indeed. Not a general setting imo.
  9. Exiting to test it! Will be tomorrow evening due to work.
  10. If you dont add a % to it then it doesnt have to mess with acc right? Same goes for panzer and arty where there is no percentage shown. The server/mod does already count the revives as it comes forward in a revivespree. Only thing i'm asking is to display it somewhere in the stats. ETPub had this and worked quite well i believe.
  11. Not sure if it's possible, but in ETPUB player stats displayed how many revives a medic has done. Syringe 10/16 means 16 shots with syringe but only 10 hit the patient and did the actual revive. Now is it possible to add in playerstats in the row off: kills, deaths and gibs the amount of revives done by a medic? I personally find it interesting when i play medic how many revives i have done as i am mainly medic to support others and not to rambo. Let me know, also give opinions if you dont like this feature so there will not be put useless effort in this. OUT!
  12. I think you are confused with !mute. !mute [name or slotid] [duration] [reason] (will mute a player for specified duration and with selected reason) !kick [name or slotid ] [reason] will kick a player and player will be banned for 15min. (dont forget to add a reason pls).
  13. You cant kick for X amount of time, kick = kick. If you could kick for an X amount of time we would call it ban 2020-03-15-153459-venice.tga demo0002_dm.84
  14. Only thing thats not clear to me: With the prestige system, do all player start with skill lvl 0? Means, no fast reload, longer recharge time, no double arty etc etc. Or does the prestige not change anything regarding the current server settings? If it's the last then i'm in favour to add it because i think it cant do any harm.
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