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  1. i killed you there and then i saw Je$$ica but i didnt get up on that roof again finally my mate killed her
  2. i hope we do this again that was really funny
  3. really nice event lot of fun!
  4. nice one im in for sure.
  5. welcome on forums hettoo see ya on serv
  6. welcome mate ! see ya on serv
  7. your provider is Orange France? some ppl with this provider had also high ping
  8. Welcome to the forums see ya on serv
  9. on public servers you didnt learn how to play this game, mabey on etl2 cause there are more skilled players and not that much spam. But the only real chance to get fast skill are scrims nowadays
  10. yea that guy everytime change his name and always uses bad language
  11. i play with Klim skill really good mouse and cheap around 30 €
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