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  1. instead of ending with medic, i have a better suggestion: let's end with Soldiers and all their camp
  2. yoshy

    I suck at aiming

    seta cg_crosshairsize 42 (im playing with 36 atm ) seta cg_drawCrosshair "5" sensitivity 1.1 1200 DPI's 1000hz windows sens 6 m_pitch 0.022 m_yaw 0.022 if this wont help try sensitivity 2.4 400/800 DPI's this is the best balance i can get after all this years playing but like Sebas said try this game maybe will help you with sensitivy + dpi's its free https://store.steampowered.com/app/757240/Aimtastic/ good luck
  3. if you go on purefrag ill set my home @beg definitely
  4. yoshy

    New server

    im ok with 3 fops, i just asked because legacy server has only 2 for a 20v20, nothing more..... but i have to agree with you in stopwatch mode
  5. yoshy

    New server

    u mean. more "brained" people PS - why 3 fops? PS2 - nice job guys
  6. i gonna try to be there
  7. most of the time hitboxes are out of reach when people prone, dunno if this happens to anyone or it is just my bad aim against proners :p
  8. after 2 painfull bugged days with ET client, today i gave Legacy another chance until now there is no bugs except some lag spikes :p and to open console its shift + esc :o lets paly :p
  9. ye its that open/close console bug, i think :p the only thing i found was an old post talking about it @dev.etlegacy.com but even that didnt work https://dev.etlegacy.com/boards/3/topics/2728 but tbh im ok with it since im playing Legacy and ETPro but Bobika and few more were asking how to opening, cuz and if i understood well he has some issue with regular ET + Legacy but yeh its always nice to know about it Cheers Seto <3
  10. yoshy

    yoshy here

    maybe but beside Portuguese National Team back up and if my brain don't tricked me ( yeah im old ) i played in one team called Brutality or something like that ( me, Taken, Panzer and few more) dont rmember if we hve any "outsider" My ET journey goes from Band of Brotherz clan / team (me, pulssi, stickman, Krosan, robin and killa), after that few of us join forces with Phreakz (me, stickman, mahla, pulssi, storm, snake, grant, tomoslav, etc) and then with "death" of wars/scrims/irc, i quit a bit until HBC clan invite me to join there clan oh btw i played a couple of ladders with Schubkraft team (gotcha, jack, badd, toxic....)
  11. yoshy

    yoshy here

    yappa yappa :p thx guys <3
  12. pop up just to say hello and keep the good work yoshy aka (HBC) L0g!c
  13. Welcome to TeamMuppet. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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