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  1. ASBO


    Depends on your budget really, the Razor ones are great for their price point, but if you have the budget then the sennheiser PC38x. Never tested a steel series but they get good reviews
  2. Hi, 2v2 Playing on Caen yesterday which was quite fun but, after the tank had been repaired and moved, the flag was still catchable/claimed. So a random bot would get to the flag and axis would start at spawn 1 again and have to move all the way through the map, which was quite annoying! If that could be changed it would be great. Thanks
  3. ASBO

    ETL Campaign is a GO

    This sounds like a great setup, I always see the server listed but it is always empty Maybe we can start to try and get a few regular people turning up at a regular time like a Sat/Sun evening ETL2 was great last Sunday at one point was 6v6 all playing obj, was the most fun I have had in ET in a long while Ill sit on this server on Sunday from about 6pm UK time and play, hopefully some more will join!
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