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  1. I still play GTA3 to this day! I do however have the memories of using the internet at school (since we had none at home) and writing down all the ps1 cheats in my diary/planner. It's not too far off I guess 😄
  2. I'm glad that I'm only old enough to have grown up the Megadrive, Playstation and Dreamcast. You old folks having to use those crappy ancient amiga, commodore and stuff really missed out 😂
  3. Yes. I've been using it a long time (As I also use Q3e for urban terror and maintain a a version of Q3e for running OpenArena). If you want to join 64bit legacy (eg.ETL2) you need the 64bit dll's from the ete-etmain-mod-replacement-allplatform.zip alongside the dll from original 32bit ET install then you can have both 32/64 side by side in the same portable game folder.
  4. Well you can get through there half the time, if nothing else it at least keeps some axis heat off the top level. The problem is when more than 3 or 4 people try go that way and end up in a traffic jam.
  5. +1 /unbind t or just leave and play/do something else for a while. It's not worth arguing and falling out with people over this game - if I didn't disconnect after bad time in game because of my team I'd have been permanently banned long ago for what I would have said to people. Luckily you cannot hear me when I am playing 🤣
  6. I've not played it in so long I'd forgotten, good news.
  7. I think spawn #3 should be removed too, but also the dept fence (I think are two-stage builds here) nearest the tunnel axis leave after spawn should be disabled if possible or only allow first stage construction. With it open allies still struggle to get to it but more importantly it stops some less experienced axis player building the depot fence meaning axis have 0 chance of defusing if allies satchel and plant from the other side. Maybe this is why the map has #3 spawn for axis to allow better chance.
  8. Welcome! (30 isn't that bad, don't worry!) 😁
  9. Goldrush is horrible 99% of the time. I play it quite often but you just know it's going to end on the timer and just be a slog no matter which team you're on. I'm not sure how you can fix it, it just doesnt play well between 2nd tank barrier and securing second gold. If the bank doors are still up after 15 minutes the game should just end imo. I can't speak for fueldump since I can count on one hand how many times I've played it this year because nobody ever votes for it. Not sure why, less of a hell than Goldrush.
  10. To be fair that bottom axis spawn is a tricky thing, I know the rules and don't break it but it's kinda hard when axis can spawn there and you're essentially not allowed to kill them despite their spawn blocking 2 routes to progress. You step foot in there or make it through and they spawn you have absolutely 0 chance without being accused of spawn killing. I'm 99% of the time axis on that map so it works well for me, but the few times I'm allied it really does suck and doesn't seem fair.
  11. You mean at the side of the screen? If you go "View" in settings and look under "Popup Filters" you can filter out kills/deaths/etc and it makes it easier to see the dyno/mission messages - it still shows people joining teams and going spec though which is a little annoying but faaaar better than default. The mod could definitely do with more filtering options.
  12. If this was a vote, I would place my marker on this. To me it is simple and perfect. In an ideal world (and maybe it's possible on client) all chat spam could be removed and only appears are what people type because I find the rest of it to be spam, useless and distracting.
  13. Yeah I don't care for it much either, not bothered about mine but it really adds insult to injury after a few bad maps with the same team not doing well, I can spend maybe 20 mins trying my best only to lose some points at the end of it. It's just demoralizing more than anything and I'll certainly leave after a couple of bad maps just to having a s****y feeling from the whole thing.
  14. I think things are going to get complicated pretty fast if they add + and - votes to the system. If it was up to me there would be some kind of fair scheduling of maps, ideally you want all maps to be played roughly the same amount so the voting system would see x and y are being played less and substitute them with maps b and c that are being played more often than anything else in the voting screen.
  15. It's not part of legacy, for jaymod for example: It could be a good starting point for request feature, the work has been done elsewhere.
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