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  1. Yeah I don't care for it much either, not bothered about mine but it really adds insult to injury after a few bad maps with the same team not doing well, I can spend maybe 20 mins trying my best only to lose some points at the end of it. It's just demoralizing more than anything and I'll certainly leave after a couple of bad maps just to having a s****y feeling from the whole thing.
  2. I think things are going to get complicated pretty fast if they add + and - votes to the system. If it was up to me there would be some kind of fair scheduling of maps, ideally you want all maps to be played roughly the same amount so the voting system would see x and y are being played less and substitute them with maps b and c that are being played more often than anything else in the voting screen.
  3. It's not part of legacy, for jaymod for example: It could be a good starting point for request feature, the work has been done elsewhere.
  4. Turn on auto-action:demo, much better than trying to untangle sides of peoples stories.
  5. Medics should only have a pistol and not be able to be shot at outside of close quarters battle, doing so causes penalty due to war crime. Problem solved!!
  6. Overall I give it 7.5/9 (because nobody gets a 10 ) Things I liked: - Loading screen very good - Many of the GFX very simple but well done, don't look cheap/crappy. - Custom levlelshots, with "happy halloween" nice touch. - Ghostbusters flamer looks amazing, keep that in the game. - Sounds: some funny, good quality, nice replacement sounds for environment, well made. Didn't liked: - Mines a little too big, maybe not orange enough too. - Stone skull texture far too dark, some map make axis invisible. - Allied/Axis win flag at end of game looked a little out of place, would have better to have the regular flags with blood stains in my opinion. - Sound: Some annoying, far too long (eg capture west bunker,,, blah blah) , some seem very quiet, hard to hear. - Allied heads looked really bad, from a disatnce they look like wearing rice farmer hat and close up like a Rutabaga vegetable. Axis had good face mod, Allied would have looked good as "Dead Snow" zombies in my opinion.
  7. I agree it's not reasonable to penalise. If you stay and lose maybe you are better player? I had a very bad like 5 evenings where we (Axis ) lost every match over and over and I lost almost 8SR over those nights. It was pretty bad depressing feeling haha, but SR is just imaginary internet points, they do nothing for you in real life There could be more shuffle but the same things happens, certain players will just go spec or leave. I don't think you can really fix it just hope that TM members and some good players help to make it more fair and help the losing team.
  8. I think I saw him kicked the other day for teambleed. He only tk me a couple of times, always in spawn and completely random I do nothing I know that may annoy him, I have no idea what (if anything) is going on between their ears
  9. I had the same issue when it came out, but I ran compatibility troubleshooter on etl.exe and accepted/applied it and it set it to Windows 8 and worked fine since.
  10. You can on nitmod, is it NxAC they have? The clan I'm in have it, we can log in to see screenshots taken with !ss or /whatever
  11. Mainly just spite because when I shoot a proner nothing hits and when I'm the proner I die in 0.5 seconds. I'm salty but honest
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