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  1. Ive been warned on oasis map before for nade. I throw past the arc a bit i guess. Not sure if was too far.
  2. Some maps suggestions that came to my mind. Troop Train Streets Of Italy 1944 Beach Saberpeak Chicken Bucket And removing maps that almost never be played or picked. I think we need more maps with axis attacking (even tho not much come to mind atm but im sure someone know few).
  3. Well i think its time to say HELLO to all of you. It's safe to say i'm back for now but idk for how long before i wander off once again. But TM will always be my home no matter what. So you guys better get stronger leash :D

    1. StaR


      No wandering please. Stay in the doggy house for good this time :p

  4. Got same bug as Mini, not being able to swap weapon, but it was triggered after being revived like 2nd or 3rd time for me.
  5. Well i really enjoyed the event, and think you guys doing great work, for putting your time and effort into this. But i expected more people to be honest, and i know not all can come. Anyways i had fun and great time. And hope to see you all in future events, otherwise i will find every single one of you and drag you there myself .
  6. Hey all ! Thx for all of you, it is good to be back over long time, im noob now... anyways yes all name was D-Dog if someone doesnt know, i changed my name back then also but not all of you remember. But doesnt matter it is good to be back and thx to my sister im playing this game again. Anyways seeya all in game and please have mercy ! :3
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