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  1. Hiii everybody :) I really like to join in your event someday, but I always have nightsifts , when you have had event so please , VOTE 18,12 , because I have again nightsits 19 and 20 , when you surely have your event Have a nice weekend
  2. May All your Dreams and Wishes come True, Wishing you a Happy New Year !

  3. Xantippa

    Happy new year!

    Happy New Years everybody !!
  4. Oh, They looks so lovely. Im so Happy that they doing well and they have grown so much . All good for you all
  5. Where are you?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Xantippa


      Im here :Dand where are you ?


    3. Stumpel


      Goos that Hawk found you.. ;)

    4. HawK


      I'm here, dude! On the 27980 server most of the time, as the others are empty.

  6. Congratulation . Lovely babies
  7. Happy New Year to all !!!
  8. I want to wish

    Happy New Year 2018

    for everybody !!!

  9. and I am on the work always , when you have nice parties
  10. Congratulations to the whole family
  11. Xanti! :D

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    2. HawK


      I never lost the ET in me. It's just that life kicked my ass for the last 3 years. I'm back on top, renting houses, making websites, and plotting to take over the world. Till that happens, I'm just content with working in shorts and flip-flops, taking in the sun, and kite-surfing / surfing most days, 365 days a year. It could be worse :D

    3. Xantippa


      Canaries Island sounds great :D Yes , andIf you want  it worse , you can come to Rainy Finland  :D

    4. HawK


      I like rain, snow, grey, cold. I like it all :D

  12. exept me I have work night but I wish to everybody really good playing time and evening
  13. Lets have a nice evening and see you there
  14. Happy New Year everyone !!! :)

    1. miraro3
    2. Stumpel


      Happy new year Xantippa :D 

  15. HI I have had really many Nice, Happy, Wonderful and Funny times to play with you . A lot of really good memories and many good friends . I have really busy day tomorrow ,so I wish to all of you a Wonderful Christmastime
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