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  1. Hi Froggy, Which server are you connecting to? Our main servers are amongst the most popular servers currently online in Enemy Territory. Not sure if you are connecting to the right server. Please let me know. J.
  2. How did I miss that? Sorry guys, 20 was the apparent maximum of poll options. Will remember to add it to October's poll then.
  3. Many many maps were suggested for this months poll, great job! I ended up adding almost all of them to the poll, so the choice is huge! Ice wasn't added to the poll as it was just removed. Beach wasn't added due to spawn-killing problems that haven't been resolved yet. In addition, this time we'd like to hear your opinion about our current alternative versions of Radar, Fueldump and Goldrush too. Links to the maps in the hidden description below. Poll will be up until Wednesday next week. So vote!
  4. OMG so you know this map too? My favorite map but haven't seen it ever since 2008 or smth. Vote will be up tonight so I have time to recruit my Russian troll army.
  5. Welcome Archers! Glad to see you have come to win on our forums too! Cya online!
  6. Hi Froggy! Nice intro, and welcome here. Looking forward to seeing you on the server, and who knows there is a future within the Muppet family? Cheers!
  7. Thank you for your suggestions! Poll will be up coming week, so hurry if you want your map suggestion to be included in the poll!
  8. Welcome Mike! Isn't Stuttgart were all the cars come from? Benz, Audi, Porsche etc. Been there once in the Benz museum I think. Cya on the server!
  9. Darn breaks getting longer each day!
  10. Welcome here! You should team up with @StaR to write some Muppet news-articles. I think you're made for it. See you on the server!
  11. Added 1 to Baserace for you. You're welcome mate!
  12. Hi all! There have been several suggestions of maps and I have added them all to this months map poll. I've put the links to the maps in the hidden description below. Poll will be up untill Monday next week. Good luck voting!
  13. Hi Beeker, I think your problem is that most of the players in the Small Maps server happen to be actual bots. So non-human players. That explains them not replying to your messages. Try visiting the more human-populated servers, like: TeamMuppet Beginners TeamMuppet ETLegacy TeamMuppet ETL Campaign You will find people using team-messages a lot more here. I fact I believe discord is used mostly for events or besides the game, not for regular objective play. To join our discord, click here! Good luck!
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