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  1. I saw you for a long time in forum as looking it.. Are you comin back someday? :D

  2. mylan


  3. This is my applications folder and you can see ET Wolfenstein in there, did you move the ET folder do Applications? Can you send us a screenshot from the startscreen? (cmd+shift+3)
  4. Jesus: If he is running 10.8.4, then 2.60b won't help him. He really needs 2.60d, 2.60b is a PPC app and the newest Mac OS X removed support for PPC apps. I gave him link to 2.60d already, so he has it. ChesS: Do you know how to install apps on mac? You know you have to drag the folder do Applications? To make a screenshot, just press cmd+shift+3 and the screenshot will appear on your desktop.
  5. Which version of Macbook Air do you have and which version of OS you running? Maybe a stupid questions, just need to be sure: Is this your first mac? Can you send us screenshots where it's got stuck. If I remember correctly, Airs have only integrated graphic card, so it's not the best laptop for gaming. Although, you should be able to run ET... I wouldn't set this to 0, it won't help him...
  6. Hey! Got Macbook pro and using Mountain Lion. Here are steps you need to do: Download WolfET.2.60d.dmg and install it (run the punkbuster installer as well)Generate and download etkey from http://etkey.org/Put the etkey into: ~/Library/Application Support/Wolfenstein ET/etmain (Library is hidden folder in Users/username folder, so just use Finder and command: Go - go to folder)Launch the gameAdjust your screen resolution in console with following commands:/r_customwidth XXXX/r_customheight XXXX/r_mode -1 Notice, that on the latest version on Mac OS X you won't be able to join ETPub server. We are trying to get it work, but so far no luck. Gaymod, silent and nitmod servers are ok. ETpro has never been supported on mac.
  7. Well, at least silent is doing pretty good right now...
  8. Version 1.1


    Links to our main servers when you connect to ET Move into ETmain folder
  9. Today I learned VD is not an acronym just for VeryDead, but it has other meaning too: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=vd

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    2. MOoN


      "2. Vaginal Discharge "


    3. Thomas


      xD +1 moon whahahaha

    4. Jesus


      loooool Moon!!! ahahahahah

  10. nope, it's his fault! If I remember right, I can join etpub 0.9.1, but not 1.0.0. Not sure, gotta test it again. Mabrun: interesting, I think OS X supports much longer file names, but it's worth to try, change build's name. If this solve the issue, I'm gonna kiss you.
  11. count me in, I'll be there (if I don't forget)
  12. iPhone 5 More interesting is that lately, those idiotic fanboys are mostly angry android users.
  13. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  14. Yellow column is before shuffle, orange one is after "shuffle" arranged to teams (3 players per team, that's why you have lighter orange and darker orange).
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