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  1. Well, we still have etl2 server. So everyone can be happy.
  2. There are several techniques against prone. If it is close combat, you can simply jump over your opponent and attack him from behind. Or if your mouse sens is high enough you can just run around him before he finds out what just happened (damn you Bomba! ). I understand prone has made the so far easy targets a little less easy. But let's be honest, just a little.
  3. Let's put some delay on strafing also . Mister J should be much easier to kill while standing still
  4. First of all, thanks to @Bomba for creating this topic. Exactly. That was the first thing I said to Mini about proning delay. Same as trickjumping or crouching while shooting, propper proning/getting up needs to be mastered and takes some time to learn. Moving around the game map properly is just as important as aiming. It can save you from some unnecessary deaths, so i feel like something is stolen from me now. A skill that I spent my time and effort to learn. I'm dying enough trying to revive my teammates without this damn delay. This is not blackmai
  5. Ballance of the teams is a neverending story. We have to live with it. Forcing people to change teams will do more harm than good. They will leave or change teams back anyway, not mentioning about any unnecessary complaints. We have a lot of members and they should be the first to keep the teams even. Communication is the key here and the very last resort is shuffle.
  6. We are trying to keep order on our servers, but that does not mean that we have to react nervously to every single curse, teamkill or other missbehavior. Much depends on the context, exact player and the reactions that he causes on the server. However, enough is enough and then use some cmds. As Birdie said, it's all about common sense.
  7. I have used the Logitech MX518 for about 10 years. It was probably the best mouse I've ever had. I recently changed to Logitech Hero g502. The mouse is nice, but I had to disable the buttons responsible for changing the dpi, because I often accidentally clicked them during the game. Remember that ET is an old game and was originally designed to be played with 400/800 mouse dpi. Logitech allows you to set these values.
  8. divine_one

    New year

    Happy New Year Muppets!
  9. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Muppets!
  10. Bot for sure. Good job. Edit: Puting normal et demo files instead of vids can make busting a cheater easier if case is not that obvious.
  11. You can download Himalia ET launcher from our download section, it's including minimizer (alt + 2) Here is the link:
  12. Hey Jake. Enjoy your muppetising
  13. Welcome Kev! Nice intro
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