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  1. Due to the number of players, it seems quite difficult to win the map by allies. In my opinion the current spawntimes have leveled the chances a bit.
  2. There was only few players. What a shame...
  3. We gave people the possibilyty to choose, and majority decides what maps they want to play. I wouldn't change it much, but incerasing the interval a little can be a good solution.
  4. Or follow Matu's suggestion
  5. Idea with Teammupet T-shirts sounds really nice, but It may be not that simple due to copyright issues. Both Muppets with Kermit the Frog and Wolfenstein ET are proprietary and legally protected. As long as money is out of the question - no problem. However, if we use it comercially, we can be in huge trouble.
  6. Better is the enemy of good... Some people don't like bazookas, some are bothered by mortars, some are annoyed by grenades or airstrikes, and everyone is nervous about rambo medics with extraordinary aiming skills. There will always be something to disturb someone. However, reading some of the suggestions I am concerned about how easy it is to spoil what we have achieved so far. The server is so popular for a reason. Some of us remember that it wasn't always like it is today, and rebuilding a community isn't easy at all. Please don't spoil this with ill-considered and too far-reaching changes.
  7. I can't agree here. Many players use selfkill in battle just to avoid death. I'd even say it's quiet often and pretty annoying. The simpliest solutions tend to be the best solutions - as it was mentioned above - the last player to hit a selfkiller gets a kill award and everyone should be satisfied.
  8. divine_one


    Wireless latency is not that big, but yeah, i'ts better to use a cable while gaming. For me, the most important thing was the sound quality and finding a headset "for everything", not only for games if possible. If not i would buy just a good headphones. A friend of mine works in one of the big electronics stores and I had the opportunity to test many different headsets and headphones before buying. Also mid and high-end with prices bigger than 1k Eur. Cloud Mix just simply meet most of my expectations for a reasonable price.
  9. divine_one


    I use Hyper X Cloud Mix. In my opinion It's a really decent gaming headset. You can use it connected by a cable as well as wireless (about 20 - 24h on battery). The sound is Hi-Res Audio certified when connected via cable and is truly amazing. The frequency response between 10Hz - up to 40kHz is something rare in this price class. The headset has 2 microphones, one of which is detachable. Hedset is perfect not only for games and movies, but also for a music. Slightly bass characteristics will be perfect for dynamic music, but I mainly listen to rock/metal and also can't complain about detailed sound. P.S. Due to the small sound lag while wireless, it is better to connect them with a cable for gaming. With movies and music, there is no such need - it is unnoticeable.
  10. @Ctrz Some questions should be asked in the members section...
  11. The poster is awesome!
  12. Well, a joke, however stupid, not funny or provocative, is still a joke. Let us not confuse an ill-considered joke, however stupid it may be, with deliberate malice or laughing at other people's miseries. Let's try not to go to extremes. We all.
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