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  1. i can agree with no revive sign and looks like somebody got stabbed by me too
  2. i would say spree sounds would be nice but to voice chat commands it will not work ppl dont have brain to use them they will just spam them like an idiots
  3. Didnt we have it on server back in day or was it just in events? I mean remember i have played it
  4. tupla

    X-mas EVENT

    @Jessica it wasnt that bad at all but that sucked when u had 5hp and your own teammate accidentally shoots you
  5. Merry christmas muppets!

  6. tupla

    Santa Clause Day

    finally the day with out dying to jessicas panzer :DDD
  7. I just calcuated my hours of played ET since i started playing with tupla name i havebeen played 570h under tupla name is it allright lol? :D 

    1. PurpleHaze


      you know you can just find this number on trackbase? :lol:

      and btw i'm at 730 since tm, so i think you are still fine LOL :P 

  8. tupla

    Event: Halloween

    It was good event but i was lost all the time lol
  9. tupla


  10. SEND HELP!! why my ET keeps crashing ?!?!? it crashed my windows when i was playing and now ET keeps crashing all the time?

    1. Charlie


      Does ET or Windows give any specific error message? What OS do you use (Win 7/8/10)? What ET version (2.55/2.6b/Legacy)? I won't be any help but the more information you can give the better for those that can help out :) 

    2. PurpleHaze


      run as admin, comptability mode win xp. Probably will fix the crashing, in all other cases provide us more information. 

    3. tupla


      ill allready found that problem but thnx for ansvers

  11. tupla

    Event: Halloween

    is the event starting 7pm 0gmt? i dont get the clock lol
  12. I will come to play whit u guys if im allowed to
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