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  1. I think we should make some kind of ceremony like Oscars where Jessicca will give awards
  2. Was about to propose limit number of maps to vote It should help. Can't wait for this update
  3. Yeah right Yeah right I just noticed that all TM text are in the brand colours, so I think they are ok ^^ Another thing I see that that dark blue neutral colour is less noisy than white, so actual it looks pretty good. Maybe I used to actual colours. Anyway I'm open to test changes
  4. I'd like to add my 2 cents to the conversation. I see there are some issues. One is that when we use names, they might be in every colour user want, and we don't have impact on this. Keeping this in mind, I think it's worth to separate name from message type by neutrals colours. In your example, I'd add some neutral text colour between killing spree and name: killing spree! <=TM=>MiniMuppet (5) That's why I like your another example player is on a killing spree: (5) kills in a row! Then I think it's worth to do some colour coding. Let's assign each of the colour to the message topic. I propose Killing sprees (all types) be red as they are more about killing. Revive sprees - green (healing) Death spree - blue as it shouldn't be yelling colour, bcs no one want's to be spotted in that spree Other TM banners I think should include TM brand colours (I mean not whole text but just some details). And about the uppercase. I think They were added and placed in red just to make them an eye-catcher, and I agree with it. It should be very prominent because it's somehow reward for the player (many players I think want to be spotted when they are on revive/killing spree). Maybe the example you presented are enough eye-catcher Besides it, I see @uips that you're very engaged in server and ET life, and you have very good ideas. Thanks for your effort!
  5. Jessica I work on it. Here's the threat about this solution. I started with Goldrush but now it's easy to me to implement it on every map. We need just to test it
  6. Thanks a lot for explanation! Now it's clear to me @MiniMuppet @MrMuppet can we place Goldrush or other map with sk mask for test? We can see if it works or not
  7. Maybe forum doesnt acccept pk3 format: https://we.tl/t-vbB3ahkQ2u here's the link
  8. Yeah I even found these events but don't know how to change there a sk map mask. Maybe today I figure it out Here's Goldrush-GA with SK areas Please test it if you want Just place this .pk3 to ETLegacy / etmain folder and then when you host game it should be on the list goldrush-ga.pk3
  9. So I started a threat and then took a break from ET Update from my side. SK areas work fine. They weight like 1Kb because I see that png is supported. I tested it on Goldrush and I think it might help a lot. The only challenge is that there are maps that require 2 - 4 versions of that maps (like pirate when you cap flag, blow wall, build cp). Is there any smart dude that would explain to me how to handle switching this map based on these events? In Goldrush there is only one map with sk areas beacuse even if allies cap 1st spawn sk areas are the same
  10. Perfect, so I need to design 2 versions of map that has capturable spawns Thanks a lot
  11. Thanks _Ler for your ideas. I have to admit that I fully agree with you. From my job experience, I learnt to adjust system to people, not people to the system. Best thing is to consider every area of the maps that makes troubles and redesign them or make adjustments without ruining balance. I'd love to experience with this, but I have lack of knowledge about modifying maps. Maybe someone can give me direction where I can start (tutorials, etc?). That would be the best option, but we don't have time/sources to modifying maps. The script also sounds optimal. I like the idea with the sphere. I'd suggest to first just inform the player whenever he SK. Mortaring and arty causes the most problems. So when mortar guy shoot, and he hit yellow/orange/red area he gets communicate and 2nd time he's warned or something. Here I can also try to write the script, but I have no idea where to start. I propose changing TGA maps because this is the easiest way to inform players where they are allowed to shoot. Agree that it won't solve capturable areas. I'm far from colouring map on rainbow. It won't be simple to read. I wonder if we can overlay these areas with code. As I know Flags, CP and other graphics are overlaying on the map by code, and they may change during map (for ex. when one team cap flag).
  12. Jess I downloaded map from ET files. There are no flags on the map. I think script overlay these elements and grid when map loads. I can place them for us to have better view, but file should stay the same. I started this topic here cuz I thought it's our member decision. If you know who, may help us, please contact me to the right people. I don't use discord very often
  13. Had a great time. Thank you all! Played almost to 2 am 😛 We need more people on voice chat Trees are the best spots!
  14. Ok made Goldrush as 1st. Please share your feedback. Red areas - the most restricted: no mortar, no arty, no heavy, no sk Orange - less restricted: no mortar, no arty Yellow - no mortar I also upload .tga file, so we can test it. Not sure if I can compress it better. I selected compress RLE and 16 bits per pixel .tga is less than 200 kB Goldrush-GA_cc.tga My idea is to follow next steps: 1. Discuss and accept design of the areas 2. Test one map 3. Discuss and accept areas on every map (map by map) 4. Implement solution 5. Ask users for feedback 6. Drink beer
  15. You can send me: - Goldrush - Pirates, - Siwa oasis, - erdenberg_t2 - Bremen final* - etl_adlernest - etl_sp_delivery - Frostbite final* - Würzburg Radar official - etl_supply - Caen 2 final* - Braundorf final* Or just everymap you have. Then I'll try to post each map with number and we all will accept or make adjustment to the areas
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