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  1. The idea is wonderfull! But as you can see all maps have outdated cc files what makes it almost impossible to edit them.
  2. Well its pretty easy. In each map file you can find these "pictures" we can easily upload a z file mod that rewrite over the orginal maps. When people open their limbo or "map" they can see those red boxes. Its pretty easy to fix that. Send me a list of all maps you want to fix ill give you the pictures if you edit them ill make a z_file for it
  3. Well we can give our muppet a moustache to make it more mature
  4. Enjoy the beers and the chips! Well deserved!
  5. Again credits to @0wN1x for his amazing artwork skills! Let's go for another 20 years together!
  6. Tested it and no message...?
  7. Weird! Good check @uips i'll check config tonight maybe i've putted it on the wrong sections. Does it only show a message or is there any +5min timebonus everytime? That would be more a problem
  8. Ill try to test it on etl2 tomorrow if we can find some testers that would be great. If everything works fine we could try it again on etl1
  9. Etlegacy in this way is a client & not a mod. Same as 2.6B is a client and 2.55 (Vanilla)
  10. Changed: Time Limit from 15 to 12 + 6 + 6 Raised Allies spawn to 18 s Lowered Axis spawn to 12s Have an extra in mind to remove the mg at first part to give a 3rd way to get into allies spawn. ==> need more toughts about this one
  11. Hey uips Again thank you for all your suggestions. Maybe we should create 1 general time bonusses post where we can bundle every map + bonusses insteat of creating alot of topics. I ll create or rechange all your map suggestions this friday and will try my best to upload the scripts before the end of the weekend.
  12. Dmxj


    /locked. More info will follow if needed.
  13. Its normal first spawn is always up. Same problem in public as in pro games...
  14. Hey Dreadcoill. First of all thanks for passing by at our forums! TeamMuppet stands for his open mindset and keeps every aspect of "discussion" open for everyone. (member regulars and even admins.) Like you've mentioned before " i just want everyone to be treated equally" i guess this is one of the main rules in this community respect and equality between every indivual that joins one of our servers. Dont be shy to give ur opinion, you are free to give you opion and in this case we will bring this one to our main admin section. please give us some time to give a good statement on ur topic. Keep fragging at TeamMuppet Dmxj
  15. Well, the seekers (axis) team have the ability to shoot with luggers to the hiders. Allies (hiders) can only heal themself or their teammates. It's pretty fun if you drink some beers and have a fun in the server
  16. i've suggested some new maps to the server owner yes!
  17. nice feel free to bring up your mates to our TeamMuppet discord, We could make a seperate voice channel for you guys if you want. https://discord.teammuppet.com
  18. Thanks to you all lovebirds who made the time to join us and find our holy TeamMuppet owner @MrMuppet. Take your time with your loveones today and we hope to see you all soon at our next TeamMuppet event!
  19. Good catch, Try to make screenshots as much as possible. I know we can recheck logs but that takes time. If we have evidence enough we can easily reply on his appeal if needed.
  20. Good catch DiNg! Keep an eye out for him, aswell for your legacy client update
  21. Nope we had the discussion before and this will not happen (i hope so). About the feature i think it's possible to rechange the script tbh. i'll ask the devs
  22. The main problem is newer maps didn't get votes. We've tried so many times to add bigger maps to the Q but as long people always vote their specific well known maps as frostbite - Adlernest or Supply well you know there will be a lot of meat fest fight's everywhere. About the rg's u might be right about reducing the amount but i don't want to touch the nades tbh
  23. Option NO 1) I'm pretty sure limiting nades is not even possible. (total per team - per class is possible) How would you script this if a team has per example 10 players = 8 medics (each 2 nades in our server) + 2 engis (4 nade each). You want a maximum of 5 nades per team (example) how would you let the game decide who gets the nades and who not? Who will benefit the most at that moment and who can defend himself the most because the advantage of that moment in the game Option YES/IF THERE IS A POSSIBILITY 2) If there is a possibilty to limiting nades per class (example 1 nade each class). How would you reduce the amount of nades if theres is 25 players in Team Axis (all having 1 nade maximum), the total amount of nades will stay the same if you reduce it per class Not sure if there is any kind of feature in legacy but i doubt this.... @Kimi - @Aciz - @Aranud or @RaFaL could answer this better i guess. My Conclusion: Anyway in my opinion nades is a part of a defence strategy and for sure in adlernest where the "transmitter' is hidden by walls around it, what gives the axis a minimal way to defend it without nades (Front stage) Hope you get my point
  24. @uips tested on etl2 not working, people get crashes
  25. We also can script the side gate, once it is exploded it's not fixable anymore but i guess this will break the gameplay in total...
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