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  1. what does that big red button do toggle hs only?
  2. baserace, streets of italy (is it fixed yet i know it didnt work before when on the server) and glider
  3. voted. we already went thru hell when it was on the server
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8R7j1UQooM&feature=youtu.be the arty blocks the whole view of the game
  5. i agree with emmiel and seb i have turned the particles off as soon as i played and it blocks way to much of your screen just so u can see a bomb being droped and going off
  6. best of luck u have some good competion
  7. yea i think in the orignal battery the cp works normally
  8. no the cp would work as a spawn for the team that currently has control of it
  9. i played a game of sw battery today and i was attacking side and it was hard. 5-6 spawns later we finally destroyed cp to stop axis from spawning their i thought finally we did it but turns out the axis spawn again and the cycle starts over,what im saying is when the allies destroy the cp the axis shouldnt spawn there furthermore side on that map is hard enough with 3 players on axis they could have it locked down with arty and rifle grenades.i said cp is op in the chat and others agreed.idk if i should make a poll on this topic if other ppl agree
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