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  1. Aren’t you the economics nerd Marco?? Throw some figures together showing supply and demand for maps on server by using how many times voted/played since stats displayed while awaiting new map, and find us the sweet spot getting most map rotations with best interval before repetition! Figure out profitability index and what’s the cost of having certain maps vs bigger/smaller map pools; perform a cost-benefit analysis. What maps have substantial fungibility and which have the absolute advantage? What maps cause the server to slump?? Identify maps with biggest yields. Use that brain of yours and figure this out! There’s complaints on voting and you wanna start another vote?? Avoid that risk aversion and help stimulate wealth effect Think long-term, not short-term. Can’t expect rational expectations/choice! And don’t contribute to scared-city; lay down the law with your newly developed fiscal map policies
  2. Another alternative might be to take away the anti-rush aspect of map so coverts can steal docs without the tank being fixed. Technically there is still time for Allies to get to bridge before covert gets to boat if defense is paying attention, but that distraction could draw away enough Allies for Axis to get through first part of level. It’ll be hard to get through the onslaught of pwnage if Axis is already having to resort towards stealth for docs rather than bulldozing through, so Allies “should” still have the upper hand, but might help balance map better if Axis is stuck getting pummeled at first spawn. Have a good Allied medic/engi team at gate and good flamer at mg door and constant barrage of arty; not even the best players like myself and say maybe muxer can push through and claim city Also know a lot of times Allies can’t even hold the city for 1-2 spawntimes, but by then, if Axis aren’t inept, Axis will have fixed the tank before Allies can get back to city and reclaim flag, which already enables objective to be taken with stolen uniform, so don’t think taking the anti-rush feature off would hurt much. *just the opinion of someone-who-can’t-even-hit-anything-with-mg-anymore-so-has-been-covert-lately
  3. Not to hijack Charlie’s decade of decadence, congrats by the way!! , but funny that Hanna was /rejected! Don’t see him lose too often, unless he’s on my team You a detective yet?? I wanted to be an Egyptologist as a kid.. counselors at school veered me away because history sucks and science was where it’s at… I’ve been broke ever since.. shoulda stuck to Egyptologist-ism And again, congrats Charlie!!! Although you state your comings and goings as perhaps not being in correct progression, one would think the first and last would be placed in order. With your 10 year anniversary, you decide to retire?? Or old age finally hitting you so you don’t know where you stand anymore
  4. Ohh, I missed reading this topic all those months ago. Reformatting explains why you aren’t TRUMP! anymore! Through all these dang name changes, you’ll always stay “Underpants” in my heart!
  5. We need to set up a play date
  6. Shouldn’t you actually play in the server to back someone else’s suggestions before spewing potential fake news?? P.S. Haven’t seen you in forever
  7. Been wondering what happened to this guy? I used to see him play a lot and then his gamer tag vanished. Name change or lifestyle change?
  8. Thomas PAINe! Why'd you delete your introduction?? I used to like reading it as means to justify my conclusion that life "ain't so bad" after all when compared to yours P.S. Got bored rummaging through all the discord server yacking so came back to the nostalgic forums for some quiet time.
  9. As everyone has said, was a great (Pumpkin) surprise to see all the neat theme changes for Halloween And even though I'm ashamed to admit I agree with Trin, the axis skins were a little hard to figure out who was who as far as class someone was. Other than that, really loved it! Also didn't realize how celebrated Halloween was globally, so that was a nice learning experience
  10. HeRcErMeR

    New server

    they are too afraid to play us with normal ping Thomas
  11. lol I just saw this post I'm a noob
  12. and here I finally signed up to vote ohhhh well
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