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  1. More fun in the dark days! I can’t wait to c who wins
  2. Railgun? (Just a joke, don’t kill me).
  3. There someone for the naughty list
  4. I personally love these kind of events. but I can also see that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. (But there are more ET servers for them I guess). The soundpack was awesome just like the map choices, got lost on several maps and liked it. The welcome screen was a nice touch aswel (again I’m a sucker for these kind of events). For me personally 9 out of 10 stars (why was Venice in the rotation, just to really scare me? ). Now, bring on the xmass exploding snowballz and what more!!
  5. This! But it just doesn’t seem to work. When one is winning it’s all that matter. Still I think there should be more emphasis on teamwork and less on killskillz. I like the new Campaign server just for that, teamwork between medic and engy instead of rambomeds. But who knows, etmain could change I hope
  6. I don’t have this issue but it came up on Facebook aswel, some say that it has something to do with the keyboard layout but I say let the developers figure it out. They got waaaay more knowledge then me.
  7. That’s often the case, although I can understand it with railgun. It’s crowded with 6vs6 and mayhem with 20vs20. But don’t get me wrong, railgun is an awesome map and in my top 5 from the start.
  8. Yeah, I guess I don’t play in teams that can catch my low skills. But I agree Saber can be a sniperfest. Gawd how I mis playing ET…
  9. Yeah! Good to see so much support for an great server and clan! if more is needed let me know!
  10. I think this is an good idea, only nee maps for an few hours. Perhaps not twice a week but once or twice/month?
  11. Well we do seem to have max lives on
  12. No, back in the day we ran an etpub server.
  13. Don’t know if it still exists but in my time we could extract and screenshot from the players computer showing exactly what they saw (yes everything on screen when collecting that image). Don’t know if that stil exist or even is legal. But if someone was using an wh you saw it.
  14. Saberpeak is fun, def one of my fav’s. It was on but didn’t get much votes sadly so it got removed I guess. Venice nowadays I spec that one. It’s utterly crap on this server with so many players. Never saw allies win that one on main.
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