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  1. I think the weapon limitation is one of the reasons why etl2 is less populated then etl1
  2. Yeah, same with too much rambomedics, there will be always unbalanced maps for whatever reason.
  3. Lowering rnades oke, but only if the medics cannot pickup their own medkits. Perhaps they will help the engy with Thompson somewot more
  4. Out of the box thought: the lesser someone votes the heavier his/her vote counts when she/he votes? So if I don’t vote for 5 rounds my vote counts for 3 or 4?
  5. Ahhh looks like fun!!! But from what I saw that there were some DL issues…
  6. I always vote for lesser known or unknown maps, but kids only want to play what they know… There are so many maps on rotation with catchy names that sounds very exciting but we still end up with the same 5 maps…
  7. I usually don’t shoot in/out of spawn as I’m too busy teamkilling
  8. Glass roofs on fixed spawn? Is that an option? So that they cannot shoot mirror out of spawn/into spawn
  9. Still trying to sort out handmade scripts… to no avail atm.
  10. Ofcourse we should change them to TM rules, but this is what I meant
  11. This is what I meant. No discussion possible and clear as day!
  12. Yeah minimaps I meant aswel!
  13. As far as I can see, there’s a timetable for promotion but the opinion of admins counts aswel. Let’s say you think that a player/member is doing a great job ask other admins/players for their opinion. Activity, helping others and more are the key ingredients. That’s what I made from it.
  14. Thus use the same for both forum and server. Again, in the old dayz we had that on our server aswel. The map was redrawn with the colored areas (square) as guidance and the same image was used on the forum to point it out.
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